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December 22, 2011, 9:41 pm
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Hi, my name is Kathi and I am Kari’s sister. I am visiting her for Christmas. I am guest blogging today. Kari is a little stressed out. There are 11 of us in her home. 5 teenagers and 6 adults, and a big dog. Our family is probably like most families, we have our idiosyncrasies, and they all seem to come out when we are all together.

Mom won’t waste food even to the point of saving 2 pieces of lettuce. She brought food on a 6 hour drive from home so as not to waste it. She tries really hard to be funny, but mostly ends up being the brunt of the jokes.

Dad wants us all to be together and works hard to make it happen, then has a hard time with all the issues that come up when we are all together and ends up hiding away. He loves to see us all together but his hearing is going so there is a lot of “what?” He loves us all, having survived 3 daughters within 3 and half years of each other, he should be used to drama by now.

Scott, Kari’s husband works hard to make sure that all people are happy. He challenges the kids to foosball and finally for the first time this year lost to both his 17-year-old nephew and son and owes them both lunch. He has been lording it over the kids for years and now has to pay up. He tells terrible puns and we all try not to smile.

Scott, my husband likes to sit back observe and then make zinger comments that are sarcastic and make everybody laugh. He is 6 ft 3” and nicknamed Bubba. Uncle Bubba likes to cause trouble and enjoys watching the aftermath of his zingers. He has been known to drive everybody crazy with making sure all his words in a sentence start with the same letter, which the kids try to copy and can’t. You can find him sitting in a chair with a good beer in his hand and a grin on his face.

Evan is the oldest of the grandchildren, he is 17.5 and an only child. Coming to the craziness of the Johnson household always seems a little overwhelming to him. He tends to sit with his earphones on. Now that he is older, he is making his own sarcastic comments and trying to keep up with Bubba, he tries to help grandma fit in but often fails, as we all do.

Isaac is next he is the lanky crazy dude that wants to play games and texts from his bed rather than getting up. It took me two weeks to get him to text me what he wanted for Christmas. He will avoid work at all costs, and disappears when there are things to do. But, if you find him, he will be happy to help because he knows he has been caught. He likes to tell jokes as well, and has been seen over years studying joke books to try to make us laugh.

John is the silent type, but seems to always know what is going on. He is also a zinger guy and he and Bubba can be found being sarcastic with each other when no one else is listening. He is the sports fanatic and will be watching sports on TV whenever possible staying out of the fray.

Christian? Well, if you read this blog a lot you know he is an airhead. He wants so much to fit in, and tries so hard, but always walks right into a joke, or sets himself up to get made fun of. We all sit in wonder and watch him eat. I think he has had 5 hamburgers today and none of them were a meal. He says “what?” a lot too, not because he can’t hear, but ’cause we start laughing and he doesn’t know why.

Jessica is the only granddaughter. She holds her own with the boys and is the “little general.” She organizes up a storm, keeps all the boys in line, and she is a great helper to her mom. Jessie will runaround and make sure everybody is happy. She also can be found loving on the dog Gus, a new addition to the family.

That leaves the 3 K’s, Me Kathi-oldest, K1, Kristi K2, (she is coming on Saturday) and Kari, K3. We grew up with the same initials KLM and so became K1,K2,K3 because we are so close in age.

Kari the youngest and has a great laugh and can be heard whatever room she is in. She is an amazing mom and spends a lot of time being a peacemaker when we are all together. I don’t know how she balances her kids husband, life and jobs and still manages to blog everyday as I am having trouble doing this one. Kari is amazing and fun and today got her haircut and has been flipping her hair all evening while sipping a margarita.

Kristi the middle child, and Evan’s mom is coming Saturday. She is the classic middle child and often needs to take breaks from all of us. I don’t blame her. She might be the smartest of all of us.

Finally there is me, the person writing. I am married to Bubba and have been dealing with his sarcasm for 20+ years and love it, most of the time. I tend to want to make everybody happy and then get stressed when it doesn’t happen. I often need margarita’s, and make strong ones to survive. Tonight, I made prickly pear margarita’s and am trying not to scream as people hover over me as I am writing.

Well, that is the extended family. We drive each other crazy, have a wonderful time together, laugh out loud and then need to take corners. Just like any other family, we love each other dearly.

Remember, as you and your family come together this season, although you all have your idiosyncrasies, it is worth it for the memories.

Merry Christmas.


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Merry Christmas to your wild and crazy family from your Glen Ellen, CA wild and crazy family. Good to know that others have their holiday issues and yet survive and enjoy the time.

Wish us luck 🙂


Comment by Anonymous

We survived and I am sure you did too, have a wonderful trip to warmer weather! You and Andy should come visit all of us while my parents are here

Comment by Kari

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