Scott and Scott
December 23, 2011, 8:07 pm
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The laughter surrounds me like a blanket as my home is filled with my family. Eleven of my favorite people have completely taken over my home. My husband and my brother-in-law are out of control. They have been out to challenge the ‘Ale Trail’ and I am really not sure who won.

They are both named Scott, they both now have very salt and pepper goutee’s, they both wear glasses, they both love beer. This in and of it self would be worrisome but they came home with matching hats. Really? Matching hats?

They have been home for about an hour and are still sitting next to each other, drinking yet another beer and telling stories about the amazing urinal in one of the bars. They still have their hats on. My sister and I are very close but this seems to have pushed a new envelope for us both. We were about to tell them they would need to sleep away from us when they brought it up themselves. They had already discussed that they would be sleeping together, maybe outside in our trailer.

Scott and Scott are very good men, have a great sense of humor and keep us girls from taking life too seriously. Christmas is a time to enjoy, to laugh and I guess to buy matching hats. Good thing there is one more day of shopping!


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