Saturday Story Time: My Favorite Christmas Memory
December 24, 2011, 10:10 pm
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Saturday Story Time: My Favorite Christmas Memory

My favorite Christmas story from my family history begins with my dad. In 1976, he was a chemistry professor at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington. At the time, the university had a January term where alternative classes and trips were offered. My dad had the opportunity to go to Hawaii with his students. This was the second year he would be going.

My two sisters and I had been campaigning hard for him to take us as well. Kathi was thirteen, Kristi was eleven and I was ten. We had never been to Hawaii and it sounded exotic and foreign and warm compared to the rainy North West. My parents had told us we did not have the money for all of us to go. I still held onto the hope that Santa would bring us tickets as our Christmas present. In the mean time we bought our dad a new swim suit, a book on fish in Hawaii and tried to make the best of him getting to go again.

Christmas morning was windy and cloudy. We waited at the top of the stairs until mom and dad made sure Santa had come and then we were allowed to run down find our stockings and whatever the jolly old man had brought us. No tickets, no new swimsuit, no Hawaii. We hid our disappointment and celebrated with Dad as he put his new swimsuit on over his PJ’s and we danced around the tree.

We were moving to the kitchen for breakfast when he stopped us in front of the fireplace. “That’s weird” he said “look at this” he pointed inside the fireplace and there was note on the flu chain. Kathi pulled it off and read it out loud. “I am so sorry but I could not fit your package down the chimney, it is still on the roof, love Santa” We all were so excited we ran out side in our PJ’s to look up on the roof. Sure enough there was a package up by the chimney.

After much commotion, a ladder, and lots of screams for safety, my dad got the package down for us and we hurried inside to open it. It was huge, wet and wrapped with paper that had all run together in its night on the roof. We did not care, we tore into it to find a huge fin, and snorkeling gear. On the fin was a note that said “This is your dad’s but you will be getting your own to use on your trip to HAWAII”

Over forty years later I still remember with such love and awe that my mom and dad would go to so much trouble to surprise us with an incredible gift. I barely remember our actual trip to Hawaii, but I will never forget that Christmas when Santa had to leave the package on the roof!


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Great story. Loved it/

Comment by Anonymous

thanks Barb, I would love to hear yours

Comment by Kari

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