Papa Bear and my husband Scott
December 29, 2011, 11:30 pm
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The rain began as soon as we got over the mountain and it has not stopped. Scott and I drove to Eugene for our boys basketball games and to find a place for him to put the trailer when he moves it here in January. The dreary day matched my mood as I begin to grapple with the idea of Scott living here five nights a week.

It has been a wonderful month of having him home, and now the realization of his imminent departure starts to sink in. We know it was the right decision, we know we will make it work, but dang, now it is a reality. We pull into the first place that we have researched. We know it is near the train tracks and many reviews have mentioned this in a negative way.

Scott, being the optimist that he is, seemed to think that it might be a romantic sound that will wake him but then put him right back to sleep. He reminds me of the Berenstain Bear book where the dad is going to find the perfect picnic spot. Papa Bear brags about each place and then each place has something very wrong with it. In the end they have their picnic at home in the tree house where they first started. his optimism and tendency to always see the bright side are some of the very things I fell in love with Scott for.

Our first stop does not look good to me but Scotty finds all three of the positives. It is close to the Hospital, it is close to the river and it comes with WiFi and cable. All I can see are the train tracks and the cramped, very tight sites. Well, let’s take a look at another one, but we could make this work he says with a tone of voice that I know means he is serious. How did I get so blessed to marry a man who like Papa Bear can find the good in any situation, and can make me believe no matter where we are, it will be okay?

We ended up finding a place that I think will be just right. It has more of a neighborhood feel, bigger spaces and not as close to the railroad. It does not come with cable and WiFi but it felt good to both of us and the list of positives was far more than three. This is going to be an interesting time in our lives but since I married Papa Bear I know we will figure it out one way or another.


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Good to know he has a spot.

Comment by Kathi

Everyone needs a spot

Comment by Kari

Glad he found a spot. Johnsons – 1. Maxwell’s – 0. We’re now looking for temp housing for my Scott for January. Maybe the two Scott’s can commute together. =)

Comment by Alissa

Sorry this has been such a pain in the ass for you! I am praying that the best option is just not available yet. xxooo

Comment by Kari

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