This mom’s Basketball Pet Peeve

We are losing the game, they are a better team, I do not mind this, I enjoy seeing good basketball and can admire another teams skill. Then number one from the opposing team had a break away and did a pass backwards through his legs to his team-mate. It was totally unnecessary. It was uncalled for, and causes a deep reaction of disgust within me. I have no room for showboating or parading in high school sports.

I know that it is good to be competitive and fist pumping after a clutch shot or a three is awesome. Chest bumping I can tolerate and even smile at the enthusiasm but no matter how good you are or how far ahead let your game speak for you not your selfish attempt to make the game about you. The night before one of our players had attempted a dunk when an easy lay in was available. He hung on the rim after missing and got our team a technical. I was equally upset about this choice.

One of the reasons I love our high school boys basketball team is because they are required to dress up for game days. The boys must have on dress pants, a button down shirt and a tie. They walk through school, ride the bus to their game, stop to eat at a public restaurant and they look good. It makes them behave better, and puts across a great image for the public they are interacting with.

In a world where teenage boys get a bad rap for their electronic overloaded, non communicative, baggy pants, and bad attitude this is a welcome change. As a mom and a sports fan this is the role model I want my kids to be for others to follow. There was a young man tonight on the opposing team who was an incredibly skilled player. He was fun to watch, he had some great moves, and unlike his teammate he did not feel the need to draw attention to himself, but played the game as the team sport that it is meant to be.

My children have had sportsmanship and respect for all players drilled into them. I have some talented kids but if they ever pulled a stunt like the kid on the opposing team did today their ears would still be ringing from the “talking” they would have gotten from me. Sports are an amazing opportunity for kids to learn leadership, how to handle defeat with dignity as well as win with grace.

I wanted to go up to this young man and tell him how rude he was. I wanted to hug the other young man and let him know how much respect I had for him. Instead I write this blog and hope that sometime when my kids are in an intense or not so intense game, another mother will want to hug my child for respecting the game, his teammates and the competition.


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Well said, Kari. How ’bout sending a copy of this posting to the other coach? Even the coaches tend to forget that the mission of high school sports is to build character and discipline in young men and women.

Comment by Anonymous

Thanks Barb, I would think about it but …

Comment by Kari

Whoops, didn’t mean for that to be anonymous. It’s from Barb!

Comment by Barb Stoefen

I knew it was you!! And thanks to you my kids have choices of dress shirts and ties 🙂 Got any bow ties hanging around?

Comment by Kari

Sorry, no bow ties 😦

Comment by Barb Stoefen

Did you see that a guy from Grants Pass wrote a letter to the Bulletin a few weeks ago commending Bend High and the town in general for raising respectable, good mannered young men? He had observed the basketball team at a fast food restaurant on their way to a game. It says a lot that he was so impressed to take the time to write the letter. Well done boys… And parents and coaches!

Comment by Alissa

That’s fantastic! I didn’t see the letter to the editor, but am so glad to hear it. (I remember Jeff’s team getting compliments from restaurants on their travels. One in particular thought they were a church choir 🙂

Don’s done a really good job in this area and I know he has respect in the league for it.

Comment by Barb Stoefen

I agree if nothing else our boys look good!

Comment by Kari

Alissa, I did see that and cut it out! It was really nice for them to be acknowledged in that way. I am thankful he took the time!

Comment by Kari

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