Laughter truly is the best medicine

Kari’s Khaos lived up to its name today. Getting the kids out the door this morning for school after Christmas break was not a fun way to start the day. Isaac and Christian had a basketball game so they needed to be dressed up. After the whole hair issue with Christian my patience and sense of humor were hard to find. His first words to me are “Do you have to post everything on your blog or Facebook?” I look at him and say do you always have to wake up so grumpy? In my head I am thinking quit giving me the material to write on and I won’t have to.

Isaac is running late and Jessie is concerned about being late, she heard that if you are late to your first period class you can’t play in your game. John ambles out in his usual slow motion, and heads straight for the door, no words at all. Isaac says to me “I will be home for lunch okay? David and me for our game day quesadilla’s” ummm okay I will try, I say to his back as he slams the door.

I spend the morning running my butt off trying to get organized, get Scott all he needs for his trailer, go to Costco to buy the items I need to make my Kari’s Kitchen meal for the twelve orders I have, and be home for my Lila girl by 11:30. Everything takes longer than you think it will, and so I am just walking in the door when Isaac comes home with David for lunch. I make the two of them lunch, he thanks me profusely, I ask if he is coming home before the game and gives me a quick “no, why would I?” I try to ask one more thing but I am talking to the door again.

The day continues at a relatively fast jaunt. I have shuttled Lila to her dad, dropped Jessie off for her game and picked John up from his work out. I come in the door to answer a couple of e-mails before I go back to the high school for Jessie’s game. The phone rings, Hello? “Oh good you have not left yet” Isaac says out of breath. Where would I be going? I am not going to your game (it was an away game in a town thirty plus miles away) remember I am going to Jessie’s. “Oh crap, well is dad there?” No Isaac he is on his way to your game it takes a while to get there you know. Silence on the line, then “well, I kinda forgot my uniform, and I need someone to bring it to me” Where is it Isaac? at school in your locker? “No Mom, on the floor in my room”

You can imagine the thoughts running through my head at this point, none of them worthy of print, and none of them very motherly. We worked it out but I was ready for a drink. I went to Jessie’s game and came home trying to find energy and my lost sense of humor. I sat down to read my e-mails and there was one from my sister that said read this: http://thebloggess.com/2011/06/and-thats-why-you-should-learn-to-pick-your-battles/
I thought it would be something about being a better parent blah blah blah, but went to it anyway. It was the best gift I could have been given tonight and it made me laugh so hard I cried, I then called one of my best friends and said read this, she called me back and we laughed on the phone for another twenty minutes together knowing that it could have been us.

I am not sure if it was just the timing, the day, or what, but it was perfect way to end my evening, and bring me back to my motto of “Laugh to Survive”. Check it out, if you thinks it’s funny comment on my blog, if you don’t, find something that does make you laugh, because laughter really is the best medicine of all.


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Comment by surexpress

Thanks we all need to remember to laugh more often!

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