“Want somethin else, Kawi”

She has just woken up from her nap. This beautiful tow-headed two-year old. We get her stuff and go down stairs. “Somethin to eat Kawi” Lila says in her cute voice. Okay, you have your soup from lunch that you need to have a couple of bites of and then you can have something else. “NO, No want soup, Kawi! Want somethin else” she replies loudly, while tuning her head to the side and leaning back as I hold her. Well, I say calmly, two bites of soup and you can have something else, but two bites first. “NO. Want somethin else!”

I have been taking care of Lila since she was three months old. I love her as if she was my own. She is so petite and cute and happy most of the time. When my own kids are driving me crazy she can melt my heart with a hug or a smile or just by saying ‘Kawi’. Lila is now on my kitchen floor holding her stuffed rabbit, tears are streaming down her face and she has to keep spinning around because Gus our dog wants to cheer her up with his big tongue. “I wan somethin to eat” she declares. I look at her and have to hide my smile, seriously she is so stinking cute, she is tiny for her age, she has a purple shirt with brightly striped multi color leggings on, her hair is in her face(she hates hair cuts) and her lip is bigger than the rest of her head. “pwease Kawi?” she asks “pwease?”

She alternatively asked for something else and pouted silently. An hour after her waking up from her nap, she sat at the counter in her booster chair and asked me again. Christian was home from school and was looking at me like I was abusing Lila. I explained the situation and he immediately had his own round of questions. Did I whine when I was little? Do all kids whine? Did I pout? What if she is really hungry mom? Would her mom be okay with you just ignoring her? What can I have to eat? and on and on.

I tune them both out and start reading my email. Christian is making a pizza, he has the cheese in his hand and turns to look at Lila. He talks to her while he is making the pizza, Lila is silent. He sees her container of soup and smiles. “Lila wants cheese in her soup,” he declares. I turn and see Lila looking intently at Christian. I gently ask Lila if she would eat her two bites if Christian put some cheese in it. A small nod. He puts cheese in it and offers some cheese to her bunny. Lila grabs her spoon, eats two bites quickly. I tell her that’s enough she can now have whatever she wants. “No, she says “Want it all” Of course you do, I think to my self. Christian smiles at me smugly and goes back to making his Pizza. I roll my eyes and eat some cheese, glad for the first time in a while my kids are older and that I can give her back in a few minutes.


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That was our dinner tonight – “Want cookie.” “Three bites of pasta before you can have a cookie.” Insert scene from above, complete with tears, dog licking, and me trying not to laugh. Two year olds!

Comment by Alissa

Alissa, so fun to have some common kid ground even when my two year old is just on lease!

Comment by Kari

OMGosh, so cute. I can just picture all three of you. Enjoy every minute with both the 2-year old and the 15-year old–they are both so genuine, so intelligent, and so darn cute!!

Comment by Mary Ellen Johnson

I agree MaryEllen and I am sure trying to enjoy it!

Comment by Kari

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