January 6, 2012, 9:48 pm
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Thank God Its Friday. The first week back after vacation is always hard but this week has wiped me out. I am snarky. I kinda like that word, Snarky. It comes off the tongue and rolls out with a snip and just reiterates how I feel. I did not sleep well this week, I am starting to anticipate Scott’s departure and Lila, my angel, had two temper tantrums to end out the week. Christian is picking now to flex his teenage attitude and I am Snarky.

Just so you know, Snarky is different from bitchy or whiny. It is not really even angry. Snarky is when you know you are on the edge, you are aware you are close to being over the line and on your way to bitchy but you are still trying to hold out. A glass of wine and a bit of space and I might be able to shake this. But then again, if your son who has pushed you all week starts reading over your shoulder as you write this you may just fall straight into bitchy.

I am sipping my wine, I am breathing in and out and just keep saying the word Snarky. I like it. Snarky, snarky, snarky I feel better already. I am woman, and I can handle four teenagers and taking care of a two-year old and running a household while my husband is out-of-town during the week. Thank God it is Friday. I toast my glass of wine to Snarkiness and the weekend!


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I love you Miss Kari…..you make me smile and know that we are never alone in situations when we feel we might be alone :0)….Life is….a wonderful journey…

Comment by Karie Malia Oswalt

First thanks so much for reading my blog, your comment helps me know I am not alone. I love that we are friends and can really appreciate each others struggles even though we have spent very little time together.

Comment by Kari

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