Saturday Story Time: Mundane Miracles
January 7, 2012, 9:13 pm
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Saturday Story Time: Mundane Miracles

“Don’t focus on the mundane.
Focus on the miracle,” I heard.
It sparked a question,
What about the miracle in the mundane?

There is a holy seed in every stump.
Beauty is everywhere,
content, just waiting to be noticed,
waiting to be celebrated.

To live in the beauty of the ordinary,
to live in the holiness of simplicity,
that is the miracle,
the treasure to be found within the mundane.

Janelle Shantz Hertzler

Today I came home from working at the little shop one of my best friends owns. I am tired and need to go to Costco. Scott had been earlier that day and said it was crazy. I was not looking forward to this task but it needed to be done before dinner. I walked into the family room and announced I was going and looking for someone to go with me. Jessie was asleep on the couch, Christian and Isaac had already been out with Scott, and I knew the chances of them coming was slim to none.

The Bengal’s and the Texan’s were playing in a wild card game, John is a football fanatic. He is also not much of a shopper. His weekend days consist of sleeping until one, then watching football. He was lounging on the end of the couch, animatedly talking to the television, and the broadcaster’s as they called the game. He often says the exact same thing as the announcer but just a few seconds before, and John does not have a stat line being played on a screen in front of him.

Sometimes I sneak in on him watching football because I need to know he is alive. During the week if I get three words a day I consider myself lucky, emotion is not his thing. In our relationship we have struggled to find the balance between his over emotive mother and his total non emotive personality. We have had many battles, many stand off’s and much time spent not liking the other person. His vision impairment makes crowded places hard and his independence at odds with his safety. I have to admit that sometimes I am glad he chooses not to come with us as it harder on all of us and tension seems to be unavoidable.

When I make my Costco announcement to my complete surprise John says “I’ll go with you Mom.” Really? In my head I am thinking I must have heard wrong because John rarely volunteers to do anything outside of his chores and certainly would not volunteer to spend time with me alone. “Seriously John? You will come to the store with me? The game is on, I do not want you to miss it” I say then kick my self for sounding so shocked. “Seriously mom, I’ll go, can I get a hot dog?” I laugh and John quickly adds “I will come either way, but a hot dog sounds good.”

A hot dog is a small price to pay for this time with my sixteen year old son. We did not have a deep conversation, we did not share an emotional bonding time that changed either of our lives. We went to Costco, he got a hot dog, we shopped. I laughed with him, I got to be with him alone, outside of the house. John willingly gave up the end of one football game and the beginning of another to be with me. It was a boring task that gave me the opportunity of being alone with my son, just because. In a family where busyness and chaos are the norm it was a welcome change. Thank God for mundane miracles.


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Love this…..I feel the same way when it comes to Cody and I……

Comment by Karie Malia Oswalt

heee heee repeat comment from yesterday!

Comment by Kari

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