Whimsical Wednesday: Matsiko means “hope.”

Whimsical Wednesday: Matsiko means “hope.”

Today I had the opportunity to hear the Matsiko World Orphans Choir at a local elementary school here in Bend. They are a choir of orphans or at-risk children who have traveled from Liberia or Peru to perform and raise awareness for the 600 million orphaned and abandoned children around the world. This is a cause that is very dear to my heart. Even though it has been over ten years since I have been to Liberia, and my boys were not the least bit interested in going, orphans and the country of Liberia are a combination that I can not pass up.

To be honest I was a bit skeptical of the whole thing. Reading about it made me feel a bit like theses kids were being paraded around and asked to sing and dance for their dinner. Maybe that has something to do with my equally heart-felt support for the cause against child labor and child trafficking. Yet, I thought, any thing that raises awareness for orphans and my boys home country can not be too bad. I was pleasantly surprised at the amateur performance of these kids just being kids. The songs were up beat, the costumes bright and the kids smiles genuine.

The people that were ‘running’ the show were laid back, “everyday joe” kinda people and that was good too. They mentioned Liberia and how poor it was and tried to help the kids get an idea of what true poverty was. One story was of a girl in the choir who had malaria and needed medicine, her parents could not afford it and it was less than $2.00 to save her life. This story is very close to home as we had a similar issue with John when we got to Liberia. He too had Malaria, and was close to death, his mother could not afford the medicine either. If we had arrived any later we might not have John with us today.

I got a kick out of the girl’s hair which was all beautiful extensions in braids and bows. The boys heads of course were closely shaven (ironic smile). I loved to hear the kids from Liberia sing and talk because it is very distinctive and brought waves of memories back for me. I giggled to myself as I thought of John having to perform for a crowd or of Christian having to dance and sing his way through school.

I am glad that there are many ways to help these children, our family chose to adopt. My parents are sponsoring a girl in Liberia for $35.00 a month to get her through school. There are so many ways to help and such a great need. The website for this particular organization is http://www.icnchildren.net. My Whimsical wish for the day is for everyone who reads this blog to commit to helping bring Matsiko ~ hope to a child in need, somewhere in the world.


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