It is enough. It has been a good day.
January 12, 2012, 10:30 pm
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In the simple act of keeping a house of six functioning I marvel at the repetitive nature of life. The ebb and flow of each individual as we navigate sports, school, work, friends, and other relationships on a daily basis. On any given day a million things can go wrong, the possibilities of some sort of catastrophe is mind boggling. My son John, the statistician, would have horrible numbers in favor of the negative.

Today was a normal day, nothing out of the ordinary chaos we live in. The sun rose and the sun set. The four kids went to school and came home. They went to practice and came home. I went to work, made dinner, made lists of things to do. I met a friend for a drink and came home to help my daughter with her homework and my son with his dress shirt for the next day.

As I write this blog I hear the TV in the back round, a game of pro basketball being played with my boys voices blending together to create a quiet hum. Gus our dog wanders from room to room his toes clacking on the wood floor as he checks on his brood. There is a quiet peace in the knowledge that we have made it through another day. A pleasant feeling from the accomplishment of being for one more day.

I like the spectacular. I thrive on the craziness. I am admired for my fortitude in the face of difficulty. I am forever grateful for days like today, days where contentment comes form the pure joy and sensory of just being alive. It is enough, it has been a good day.

picture taken by my friend Erin Levine


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