A Family Win

Wow, tonight was an awful night for our basketball team. It was against our cross town rivals and in our home court. I am still wondering what happened, or I guess I should say did not happen. The JV and the Varsity lost big. We played in slow motion and they played in 3D. It was embarrassing. I wanted to blame the officials. I wanted to blame the other team for their flopping and dirty play. When you lose as badly as we did, there is little you can blame except yourself. Win as a team, lose as a team, or so the saying goes.

You would think that I was on the team from the way I write. I am not. I am the proud mother of two of the players. For the first time in years I have two boys on the same team. One a junior and one a freshman. They have been playing together in our backyard for over ten years. They have gotten into fights, challenged each other and made each other better.

It has been a dream of mine to watch them play together on the same team in high school. For the next two years I will get to watch that dream come true. Win or lose they will do it together. Failing or succeeding they will experience the intensity of team together. Their will be jealousy, their will be smack talk, their will be blame, and their will be shared triumph. They will win together and lose together. When they go home they will go home to the same house, the same parents, and the same bedroom.

When we first adopted the boys and I realized how close in age they would be, I wondered what it would be like to have my three boys playing on a team together. That did not come to fruition with John’s visual impairment. Instead, I have two years of watching two of my children play together in a highly competitive environment. I have the joy of seeing them dress up on game day. I have the pleasure of watching a Johnson to Johnson pass for a lay in.

Any team, in any sport is a mirror of life in many ways. You have to figure out how to work together, you need to give and take, you need to support one another through the difficult times and celebrate the wins with equal enthusiasm. Tonight was a lousy game, a lousy two games to be exact. I still walked away as proud as a peacock. Two boys from different countries, races, and biological parents have come together to be a family, learned to trust each other and to play on a team together. I know I am stretching it here, and being a very sentimental, sappy mom, but isn’t it great, that even in a bitter loss as a team, the family has already won?


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