Saturday Story Time: A Typical Saturday Night
January 14, 2012, 10:06 pm
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They met in kindergarten on the soccer team. Although they never shared a teacher they have been friends all through the years of grade school, middle school and now they remain friends as freshman. Soccer has been a unifying front. Yet what I think really keeps them friends is that they can be totally silly together. There is no need to impress the other. There has never been any catty jealousy or lame triangles. Holly has been in and out of our house for ten years and every time she comes the biggest issue is calming the two of them down. There is always screaming, a huge amount of giggling and pictures.

Tonight Holly is over along with Isaac’s friend Troy and the volume is on the rise. The girls have just come down from Jessie’s room where they had made a video of themselves singing a Taylor Swift song. The boys have been playing PS3. (Christian is out in the cold playing basketball) The next thing I hear is all four of them laughing and playing Mario Cart on the Wii. They talk some smack, switch partners, and play a while longer.

John is now done watching football and joins the four of them, bringing his sarcasm, and taunting to the room. More laughter, Scott comes down and asks whats going on. I don’t really know but they sure are having fun. It is Saturday night, I have six teenagers in my house playing Wii and being goofy. I hear Isaac tell Jessie to ask me because she has a better chance of me saying yes. Ask me what? I yell, giggles and Troy’s voice bellows out “She is just like my mom, she hears everything.” I laugh wondering what the question might be.

Now all five are in the kitchen getting soda’s and foraging the fridge. Mom can we watch a rated R horror movie? No way, I say, why don’t you watch “Mars needs Mom’s” Isaac looks at me as if I am the horror movie and Troy says he has already seen it, and it is dumb. I mention a few other kid movies which they shoot down mostly because Troy had seen all of them. Bring it up on the computer and let me read why it is rated R. I have every intention of letting them watch the movie, I know they would not ask if it had nudity or graphic violence because they know what the answer would be. Still, it is a game we play, I say no, they pout, they argue and I question their sanity, they debate, I ‘give in’ and we all think we won.

I think back to my high school days and though it was a long, long, time ago, I can tell you that I was not hanging with my siblings and friends playing Wii and bargaining with my parents to watch a horror movie. I also know from stories of my husband’s high school years this is not where you would have found him either. I hear the complaints and read the stories about how this generation of kids will not know how to communicate, and their brains will be swallowed by the amount of time they text, play video games and sit in front of a little screen. This may be true, but every generation had its issues, and every teenager was doomed to a horrible life for as long as I can remember.

It is Saturday night and I know where all my kids are. I have known their friends for years. They have chosen well. They will watch this stupid horror movie, and they will have to sleep with the lights on tonight. As I type this I can hear the screams and surprised swears as a scary moment happens. I think about all the things my kids could be doing tonight and I say a prayer of thanksgiving. I’ll take silly over sexy, soda over beer, and a rated R horror movie instead of grinding it out on the dance floor at a “teen safe” dance. I will count my blessings and count this night twice.


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