Sunday Blessing: For a New Position
January 15, 2012, 10:26 am
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Sunday Blessing: For a New Position

My husband starts his first full week of work in his new job as the Critical Care Chaplain at Sacred Heart Medical Center at River Bend in Eugene, Oregon. It has been a journey of faith and hard work for Scott, and I am so proud of him. As we start this new chapter in our family life of weekly separation my focus today is on the opportunity Scott has in this new position. It will be intense work, new rules, new people, and a new place to make a weekday home.

The Blessing today is a reminder to all of us that have the privilege of holding a job. Whatever you do, whether you have been doing it for years and years, or you too are starting something new, do it well. Give thanks for the opportunity and always look for the good in whoever you are put in contact with.

May your new work excite your heart,
Kindle in your mind creativity
To journey beyond the old limits
Of all that has become wearisome.

May this work Challenge you toward
New frontiers that will emerge
As you begin to approach them,
Calling forth from you the full force
And depth of your undiscovered gifts.

May the work fit the rhythms of your soul,
Enabling you to draw from the invisible
New ideas and a vision that will inspire.

Remember to be kind
To those who work for you,
Endeavor to remain aware
Of the quiet world
That lives behind each face.

Be fair in your expectations,
Compassionate in your criticism.
May you have the grace of encouragement
To awaken the gift in the other’s heart,
Building in them the confidence
To follow the call of the gift.

May you come to know that work
Which emerges from the mind of love
Will have beauty and form.

May this new work be worthy
Of the energy of your heart
And the light of your thought.

May your work assume
A proper space in your life;
Instead of owning or using you,
May it challenge and refine you,
Bringing you every day further
Into the wonder of your heart.

~ John O’Donohue


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