Tno = Snow

The snow falls quietly tonight, the first real snow of this winter. I love snow, I love the feel of it on my tongue and as it melts on my eye lashes. I have always loved to make snow angels and the sound of the snow crunching under my feet. I love the possibility it brings for a snow day or at least a two-hour delay. I love the way it makes everything clean, sparkly and iridescent.

I think snow makes everyone a child again. My favorite memory of snow has to be John and Christian’s first exposure to it. When we adopted them in the spring of 2001 from Liberia, Africa, the fact that they had not seen snow, had not really crossed my mind. When we moved from California, to the high desert of Oregon in the summer, it still did not occur to me.

Now it was November and the boys had been with us almost six months. We thought we were through with the firsts. We had celebrated their birthdays, introduced them to Halloween, elevators, moving walkways, automatic doors, and a plethora of other things we take for granted on any given day. Christian asked me one morning why the mountain’s were white. It’s snow I said, thinking now this, is going to be interesting to explain.

How do you describe snow to a person who has only ever known sun and rain. How do you explain the concept of ice falling from the sky or how it melts in when you touch it. Christian was five and John six. Christian looked at me, and because of both his Liberian accent, and his age he said “tno? what is tno?” Talk about cute, I laughed delightedly, and Scott and I decided to take them up to the mountains to let see what tno was first hand.

John did not like it, it was cold and he slipped and really was disgusted with the whole thing. This has not really changed in ten years, he has learned to ski but for the most part hates cold weather and snow. Christian, who is incredibly sensory loved it. He just kept laughing and picking it up and yelling “TNO, TNO! tno cold” He ate it, touched it, threw it and lied down in it. He was so enthralled with snow, that when we left the mountain he threw a fit. It did not make it any easier to explain why he could not bring it home.

Christian still likes snow, not really fond of cold weather, or the snow when it covers his basketball court but snow he likes. He does not remember saying “tno” and rolls his eyes if I remind him. I however count it as one of the greatest gifts from God to be able to witness the introduction of snow and two boys from Liberia. Let it tno, let it tno, let it tno.


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