Whimsical Wednesday: Snow Day
January 18, 2012, 11:18 pm
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Whimsical Wednesday: Snow Day

It started at five-thirty AM, when I woke up, called the snow hot line and school was closed for the day. I went into Jessie’s room and gently woke her, “Snow Day” I whisper in her ear so she could turn off her alarm. A loud YES escaped from under the covers as I went down stairs. I wander in to the boy’s room and announce no school. Isaac just rolls over and is back asleep, John makes sure I am serious, and Christian says “Wait, its closed for everyone?” Before I can answer John says “No, only for the juniors and seniors.” I laugh because for John to be awake enough to crack a joke is amazing and for him to be in a good enough mood to crack a joke is twice as amazing. I shuffle back to bed.

Snow day, oh those glorious two words that you live for as a child. Snow day an unexpected gift of time. When the kids were younger it meant bundling up, getting out side as soon as possible and playing until you were numb. You could then come in for hot chocolate, maybe even grilled cheese and cartoons on TV. For my four teenagers it means sleep, sleep, and more sleep.

I got up about eight and got on Facebook. Young moms were commenting on the energy that was wound up inside the house as the kids worked their way outside. Teachers were thanking the snow gods as well. Snow Day, what a joyous sound those two words bring. If you live anywhere there is a remote possibility of snow, then putting those two words together becomes a wish, a prayer, a musing, a possibility of unexpected freedom.

Snow day, there are very few combinations of words that can bring so much delight to so many people at one time. Pre-school through high school and even college. Kids, parents, teachers, staff, all have a reason to love those two words. Somehow those two words combine, to be so much more, than just two words. Packed into those two words are laughter, snowball fights, sledding, snowmen, hot chocolate, extra sleep, a break from the ordinary schedule and NO SCHOOL.

It is as if even at a young age we understand that life is fleeting. When you are given a break from the expected routine with a source as unpredictable as the weather it is like getting a present for no reason at all. I mean who knows when we will get to hear those two words together again. It could be a month, a year, or maybe, and this is the sheer absurdness of it, those two words will come again tomorrow. Snow Day.


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