A quiet Friday Night
January 27, 2012, 6:44 pm
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It is a quiet Friday night. Let me repeat that, It is a quiet Friday night. We had basketball last night instead of tonight so no games. My parents who are living in town for two months went out to dinner to celebrate my mom’s birthday. Christian has just left for the gym,(big surprise) John is taking a nap, Isaac is playing on his PS3 (another surprise) Jessie is taking a shower and face booking. Scott is on his way home. I am alone in the kitchen drinking a glass of wine(not so surprising) with Gus at my feet. It is quiet.

It was a long busy week, Scott was in his second full week of work in Eugene. I had the two girls I take care of three full days, starting at 7:30 am, instead of my normal half days starting at 11:30ish, add the normal routine of the Johnson crew plus an extra dr. appointment, a night at the shop, and two weeknight basketball games and the week seemed long, even for me.

I tend to thrive on chaos, and do well when I have more to do. I love basketball and seeing my kids play is a pleasure. My two beautiful girls that I have the honor to take care of, are spit fires who never cease to entertain, and amaze me. Jessie has been cleared from her concussion and we picked up John’s new stylish glasses. It was a good week, a normal, busy, hectic week. It was probably like most families across America.

It is a quiet Friday night. Let me repeat that. It is a quiet Friday night. Another work week has come and gone and the weekend is here. I toast to all of us who made it through the week. Some of us just by the skin of our teeth, others with flying colors. I toast to all of us who can say, with true conviction, “My plate is full, but my cup runneth over.”


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Love your blog! I too always celebrate the arrival of Friday and chance to have some quality family time.

Comment by Isla White


Thanks for the great words of encouragement! I am so glad to know what I write can resonate with other people. Have a great day!

Comment by Kari

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