Angels of Encouragement

“I think about you all the time, no really, I do. You are living a life I am so familiar with.” Martha said to me as we talked over coffee. I nodded, grateful for her ability to speak into my life. She also has four children, two are now in college and two in high school, her husband travels a large amount. Martha laughed with me as she thought about all the times she had lost it with her kids over the years. She shared a couple of stories, she listened to mine and reminded me the power of wine at the end of the day.

Jessie, who has been out of basketball with a concussion had her first game back today. It was a route and not very fun to watch. I was getting texts from another mother about the boys game and Isaac was having the game of his life. One of the parents at Jessie’s game gave me a sympathetic smile. “I’ve been there” she said, “it is so hard.” She shared a story with me about being pulled in three directions with her kids all in different things. “You are living a life I am so familiar with. Remember to breathe. You are only one person, be present where you are.”

I got to the varsity boys game, a game against our crosstown rivals. I know a ton of parents on the other team as our kids have played with and against each other for so many years. A dad of one of the opposing teams players asked about my husband, Scott. I told him Scott was in Eugene and was commuting home on weekends. “I have been there” he said, “Blessings and difficulties often come together, you have to choose which you will focus on” he gave me a hug and was on his way.

Three angels of encouragement came into my life today. Three very different people from separate area’s of my life reminded me I was not alone. This road I am traveling has been traveled before. If I choose to hear their wisdom I will drink wine at the end of the day, I will try to be present in the moment, and choose to focus on the blessings. Encouragement much needed, and well received. I think I will go drink that glass of wine.


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