Happy 75th Birthday Dad
February 10, 2012, 11:41 pm
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It is my dad’s 75th birthday today! He has been an inspiration and leader of my family. He is in great shape and looks far younger than his earned years. My sister made the card for him that follows. It is a perfect way to honor the amazing,funny, integrity filled man he is. I am so glad he was born, and so honored to call him dad.

75th Birthday
Your 75th Birthday was coming up so we went online to see what people were suggesting you do for the man who has everything and is getting old.

Gift Idea #1

Average Life expectancy for white males is
77 years old so we should throw a big party because it could be your last.
But we did that just recently for your 50th wedding anniversary.

Gift Idea #2

Old people need to stretch their bodies more, so one website recommended a gift certificate for a YOGA class.

After we stopped laughing while picturing you in the above poses we decided that wasn’t going to be a good choice.

Gift Idea #3

Now is a good time to take your loved one on a trip….


But we did that for your 70th

Gift Idea #4

Install safety equipment in the bathroom, and other safety precautions for your loved one.

“Help I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”

But we hear you already have a raised toilet seat.

Gift Idea #5

Give person tickets to play-offs for major sporting event.

See Gift Idea #1 you won’t live long enough to see Mariner’s in Playoff games.

Since we have already thrown parties, gone on trips, you would hate yoga and safety equipment seems a little premature for someone who is ¾ of a century and in such good shape, we decided to give you something with better odds of you winning than the Mariner’s making the playoffs Lottery tickets.

Happy Birthday Dad.


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Give that good-looking 75-year-old a birthday hug!

The Glen Ellen Cuz (es)

Comment by Anonymous

Thanks Ann, he had a great Birthday and it is so fun to be able to celebrate him!

Comment by Kari

happy birthday and god bless

Comment by Anonymous

I passed your love on, Thanks Stan

Comment by Kari

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