Any Day to Celebrate Love is a Good One
February 14, 2012, 7:44 pm
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I open my eyes to find Christian staring at me. I have taken a nap while Lila the little girl I care for is taking one. I try to focus as his black face goes in and out of my vision. “Mom, did you send me a Vallagram?” he asks imploringly. No, Christian. What are you talking about? I sleepily ask. Christian is already out of the room. I get up and go down stairs to talk to him. He is animated and agitated. In his History class today he was called up front, sang to by a group of girls from the Jazz choir, and told it was anonymous. He was MORTIFIED.

Meanwhile, Isaac casually mentions that he went to early morning practice in his robe and boxers. “It was really funny mom” he cheekily says. Well, I hope you at least had heart boxers on, I reply.

Jessie stayed up late last night making cards and decorating cookies for her girl friends. She wore black and grey today and loved on her friends with cookies, candy and cards. When she came home from basketball practice I asked her if she knew who sent Christian the Vallagram. She laughed, and said actually, it was a mistake, it was supposed to go to a guy named Chris Johnson who is a sophomore.

John came home from school, played a bit of basketball outside, then sat himself in front of the TV to watch some college basketball. Hey John, Grampa is taking all his girls out for a drink, wanna come? “No thanks, Gus (our dog) and I will stay here.” Okay, so Gus is your Valentine? “ What? No, I am out of his league, sorry Gus.”

Scotty sent me a wonderful card this morning via e-mail and I had made a card for him. They were both picture cards and we each had chosen one of the same pictures. Twenty-one years will do that.

I made the kids Valentine cookies, got them a few treats, and reminded them how very much they are loved. There are lots of people who hate on Valentines day. Many valid reasons I suppose, but for me, any day to celebrate love is a good one.


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