An Un-expected Oasis

As you walk into the shop your senses are immediately soothed with jazzy music and a pleasant smell. There is a warmth that emanates, and a feeling of home when you walk in. The boutique itself is small, muted colors mixed with bright accents and chandeliers that offer a soft light. The clothes are tastefully arranged and invite you to touch. The decor is very french, and subtly inner-mixed with the clothing, shoes and accessories. The name of the store is Faveur, more specifically “faveur eclectic unique boutique.” It is a small oasis for this mother of four teenagers, nanny to a two-year old, cook for the multitudes and frumpy feeling forty something year old woman.

One of my dearest friends owns this shop. It has been a dream of hers to open one. It has been a wonderful story of serendipity as to how it all came about. Now after opening in June of 2011, it has been a successful endeavor for her family, and unexpected source of peace for me. Jen is an incredible woman, she is beautiful, skinny, can make a garbage bag look good and is so incredibly nice you want to hate her. Her husband is adorable, a total GQ man, who adores her, and they have five children. Yes, I said five, and she looks like she has never brought forth anything larger than a mandarin orange (Jerk). Their one daughter is adopted from the same orphanage as my two boys in Liberia and we have been friends for over ten years.

The shop has very reasonably priced cute, comfortable clothes that make you feel pretty, whimsical, and feminine. Jennifer has impeccable taste, a true fashion flair, and best of all, a bargain hunting heart that keeps her prices affordable for people like me. I loved going to visit her, finding excuses to stop in and see what was new. I started to trade her meals for clothes and then before either of us knew what had happened I was working for her. Nothing major, a few hours a week after I got done nannying. A chance for her to go home and have dinner with her family, a chance for me to be in a totally different environment.

What neither Jen or I, knew or planned, was that it would become such a life-line for both of us. It is totally, diabolically different from any other part of my life. I get to interact with adults, help them find beautiful things to wear, wear cute items myself, and know that everyone is winning. I love selling quality clothes, at reasonable prices, in a unique environment that makes you feel good to be a woman. Jen and I get to see more of each other, and Jennifer gets to have a life beyond the shop.

Jennifer is always asking me if it is too much, I do have a busy life, and nobody knows it better than another busy mother. I laugh, and tell her this is like a vacation from my ‘real life’. At “faveur” I dress well, have make-up on, talk to adults, and remember that life is more than basketball games, taxi service, being a referee, and short order cook. At “faveur” I am blessed by the opportunity to be transported for an hour or two to a boutique in Paris where being a woman is first, and the right pair of shoes will change your life.


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In the summer of 2011 I visited Bend to see my son who was working in Bend for the summer. I went to the downtown shops 1 day and loved all of it even though it was raining. I haven’t been able to get back but since he is there again this summer I hope I have a chance.
I have been waiting for 2 years to get back to a shop I regret not purchasing anything at. They had cute little feminine, sporty t-shirts with bicycles on them. And adorable stretch pants with a bow and pleats at the back of the knee. Along with a dozen other adorable clothes I have always regretted not trying on. I am wondering if it was this very shop. I am not for sure but I am thinking it was.
I will visit you sometime this summer!!! And I can’t hardly wait 🙂

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