Managing Mondays: My New Brilliant Workout Idea

Managing Mondays: My New Brilliant Workout Idea

I am not overweight. I have a good self-image. I am not obsessive, I am pretty darn average. I do not want to look like a super model, I do not want look like a teenager or even a twenty-something woman. I would like very much to be in shape. I would like to move my arms, and legs and yes, even my tummy without feeling like I am a bowl of jello. Spanx and other jello holding devices are not enough. I need to get into a work out routine.

Here’s the catch, I am totally unmotivated. I have in my past participated in two marathons, a half marathon, a sprint triathlon, climbed small mountains, swam thousands of miles and walked many more. I stink at aerobics, Zumba, yoga, and workout tapes. I am a social exerciser. If I can combine whatever physical activity I am doing with some good conversation with a girl friend or my husband I am golden. It’s just that it takes time, you gotta figure out when to meet, then you hope the weather will cooperate, and if you have four kids like me, the best laid plans get interrupted, often.

Scott is now out-of-town five days a week so even if he was my workout partner we would only have the weekend. I know some couples that can work out together but scott and I are not one of those couples. He rides Mt. Bikes, I am not good enough or fast enough to make it fun for him. We even got a Tandem bike so we could bike together, we decided our marriage was more important than the communication it took to go for a ride. He plays tennis, I swim. We walk but I want to speed walk and he has bad knees. So basically he is out, we will still try to go for walks together but it is not what I would call an exercise plan.

Then, as I was napping today after shoveling the snow off the whole driveway, swearing at the school district, and the weather gods who let it snow enough to need shoveling but not enough for a two-hour delay so I could get my four teenagers to do it, I had an idea! A brilliant, workout idea! I have four kids, they all are in pretty good shape. They love telling me what to do. I will ask each of them to give me ten minutes Monday through Thursday before I go to bed. I say before I go to bed because they usually stay up later than me. They can choose the exercise that we will do, they will do it with me and encourage me(or just laugh at me which will be more incentive). I will get a forty minute workout, time with each of my kids and lose the jello!

I have approached each of them and they are willing, not necessarily excited but willing! We will start tomorrow as I am too sore from shoveling tonight. It is worth a try for sure, accountability and conversation I could really be onto something!


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I wish you the best of luck. Keep us informed. http://unbindthemind.wordpress.com http://shootingthings4fun.com

Comment by Margie

Thanks Margie,
It will be an adventure for sure!

Comment by Kari

i love the idea!! pac crest 10k here we come???

Comment by shelby

jessie says she will do it with you! I am so sore right now and I almost threw up last night

Comment by Anonymous

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