Whimsical Wednesday the journey to becoming Hugz the clown and beyond: Part 6; Silly stories, heart aches, and daring deeds

He was just eighteen, fresh from high school, off of a farm with a shy personality. I can remember thinking what the heck is this boy doing here. Really? You want to be a clown? He was timid and very much a farm boy. He was my partner for our slaps and falls final. We had been practicing for weeks, working on our clap, our fake, when to fall when to stop your hand. It was a bit like a dance and your partners confidence had a lot to do with how you both looked. Fred(I changed his name for his sake) was nervous to begin with, then he got partnered with a girl and he just about quit. “I can’t hit a girl.” You are not hitting me remember we are pretending, you do not actually hit me, that is kinda why its funny. “I know, but I can’t, I just cant do it” Look Fred, if you do not do this we both fail and I am not about to fail because you are afraid to fake hit a girl.

We were one of the last groups to go, They were filming it to show us later that night and to grade us. Fred was so nervous I really thought he might pee his pants. I was pumping him up. This will be great, it’s no problem, I am not scared and I am the one who will be taking the fall, you can do this, just think of someone who really ticked you off. It’s a routine, not a fight, its exaggerated spoofing, you got this. It was our turn. I got in position, they said go and he let it rip. He brought his hand back to the ceiling, made a huge jump and whacked the crap out of me. He got so caught up in the moment he forgot to stop his swing and let me clap. I was brought to the floor from the impact.

Everyone was in shock, the teacher was the first to recover and said well I guess Kari gets an A. Once I could move my jaw, I started to laugh, poor Fred ran out of the class in tears. I was laughing so hard I could not breathe. Damn I am good at this stuff. The funniest of all was watching it back over and over on film in slow motion and all the classmates coming up with the one liners to go with it. I was fine, I did get an “A” but I think poor Fred is still recovering.

Clown College created an atmosphere of no boundaries. Everyday you were pushed physically, mentally and emotionally to the brink. Everyone at the Arena was willing to let you try. Just try, failing is funnier than success. Give it a try. I learned to stilt walk, and was one of the best in my class walking on 7 foot wooden stilts (that means my feet were at 7 feet making me 12 feet three). I was on the trampoline team and learned to do a back flip to someones shoulders. In Character Development he pushed me to dig deeper. Is that your best Kari? Okay we know you are cute, what else do you have? A cute clown is easy to find what else do you have for me, Kari?

Give more, reach higher, stretch yourself. There has never been another place in all my life where I have been encouraged to reach beyond my limit in every part of my life. It was exhilarating, exhausting and ended with a graduation ceremony like no other. My parents, and one of my two sisters made it to the graduation. I was so proud, so overwhelmed and so humbled by this process I had been through.

I did not get a contract with the circus but I had become a clown. Not someone who puts on make up, tells a few jokes, and trips over her feet, but a character so deeply imbedded in my soul that it was as if you had taken the very best of all that I am, magnified it by 100%, added a bit of magic confetti and HUGZ the clown was born!

next week: Can you make a living clowning?


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So nice to see Hugz again. It feels like forever since Hugz lived in my home. Love you-kathi

Comment by Anonymous

So nice to see Hugz again. It feels like forever since Higz lived in my home. Love you-Kathi

Comment by Anonymous

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