Friends for Life

They say great minds think alike. This may in fact be true, but Isaac and his friend Troy, seem to be in each others head and great thinking is not what comes to my mind. They are opposite in stature. Isaac is tall and skinny. Troy is almost as tall and doubles Isaac in weight with muscle and stature. Isaac is slow-moving and quick thinking. Troy is faster physically but not quite as quick when it comes to thinking. Isaac skates by and still manages A’s. Troy is struggling to graduate. They are the best of friends.

Troy has been in and out of our house for years. He is one of those kids you really want to get frustrated with, but instead you just end up smiling and shaking your head. Together Isaac and Troy are a bit scary. Troy is willing to try anything and Isaac is willing to let him. They have managed to survive a number of “ideas” that Isaac’s brain and Troy’s braun have come up with. Shooting a bb gun from inside the house at the neighbor’s front door. Using an exercise ball in the snow to create a bouncy wall that they sprint full speed into each other with. Not to mention, the many nights staying up all night watching scary movies and drinking vast quantities of Mt. Dew.

Troy and Isaac went to grade school and middle school together. They now go to rival high school’s. They have maintained this unlikely friendship through it all. Troy’s parents are divorced and his mother has remarried several times. Scott and I have been together for twenty-one years. Troy’s dad has moved multiple times, we have been in the same house for eleven years. Troy calls me his second mom and I am honored to have that title.

Tomorrow Troy turns seventeen. We had him over for dinner tonight and Jessie baked him a cake. Isaac and Troy had us all laughing through dinner as only happens when the two are together. After dinner we played a game of Parcheesi and continued to laugh. I realized what a gift he has been to our family and how blessed I am that my children have chosen their friends wisely. Troy is a good boy. He is obnoxious, crazy, high energy, and at times nerve-racking. His friendship with Isaac is tried and true and they would do anything for the other.

In a world where deep friendships and loyalty seem a forgotten art, I am thankful to see my child in a friendship like this. In times where you wonder what your kids are up to and pray it isn’t sex, drugs and alcohol, I am thankful that Mt Dew and goofiness is the worst we have to deal with. In a time where electronics and social media have taken over all of our lives I am thankful for board games and seventeen year-olds who are still willing to play them with their family. In a world where love seems to lose out to petty, shallow, superficial relationships I am especially thankful to have another “son”. Happy Birthday Troy we are glad you were born.


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