The Perfect Fit

The Perfect Fit

I was in the library at Bear Creek Elementary School where all four of my children were attending. It was the spring 2006, I was a substitute Educational Assistant and happened to be subbing for the librarian that day. Mr. Carter came in and asked me if I knew anyone who was interested in childcare for the following year. I knew so many people in the community, and they were looking for someone to take care of their daughter, Hannah, the following year. Adam had been the student teacher for my son John in first grade, and then the first grade teacher for Jessie and Christian. His wife Sara, had been John’s fourth grade teacher and had taken a year off to be with her daughter. They were looking for someone to nanny Hannah part-time.

I told him I would think about it and get back to him. Then I called him and said would you consider me? I had so much respect for Sara and Adam and the idea of being able to take care of their child was intriguing. I did not love substituting, and we needed some extra money. It might be the perfect fit for both of us. I was worried I was not good enough and they were worried they could not afford me. We worked out the details and I became their nanny in the summer of 2006. Hannah was fourteen months old. I started working from 11:30am – 4:30pm. It worked well with my kids, and still gave me time to do all the things I wanted to do.

I do not think either of us knew how perfect of a fit it would be. Hannah became a part of my crazy family and formed a particular bond with my eldest son Isaac. She loved him. He was in seventh grade at the time we started our partnership and by the fall of his eighth grade year she had her first crush. Isaac adored her as well, and was very kind to her, playing games and seeking her out. This was one of the many unforeseen benefits of this perfect fit.

Fast forward to today and I am honored to be taking care of Hannah’s sister Lila. Hannah is in full-time kindergarten and I only get her for a couple of hours on Wednesday’s. This family has been a part of my family for five plus years. My kids have grown up taking care of, and loving these two precious girls. Their parents have been amazingly flexible as we have gone between houses, tolerated the craziness of the Johnson’s, and completed my family in a way I had no idea we needed. It has been five years of taking care of this wonderful family. I have had Lila since she was three months old and now she is almost three. I am “Kawi” and I am loved.

These two precious girls have helped me to remain sane, remember the important things, kept me from having more babies, and allowed my family to survive through all sorts of financial crisis. Their parents have been incredibly supportive, loving, encouraging and at times sanity savers. I am honored to be their nanny and thankful for the role they play in my kids lives. Sometimes, it’s just a perfect fit.

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