Managing Monday’s: When In Doubt Double It

Managing Monday’s: When In Doubt Double It


One of the most valuable tips I have received as a busy mom has been a basic principle of math. When in doubt, double it. You might have wondered if you would ever use your math skills as a parent, this is your chance. I have the insane blessing of four kids, but even when I only had one this basic computation held true. Whatever you think it might cost for the shoes they want, double it in your mind, and just maybe, you will be pleasantly surprised. If they say they will be off in five minutes, do not bother till ten and then say I have already doubled your set time, if you are not off within the minute I will double the time you spend on chores, then throw in the word exponentially and really confuse them.

When in doubt, double it. When making dinner, double the recipe and put one in the freezer for another day. When making cookie dough double it up and freeze for a perfect snack when you don't have time. Double up on freezer space(I have a chest freezer and my refrigerator one) it truly saves time and money in the long run. If an item is on sale for a good price double the amount you would normally buy. Give a portion to a food kitchen.

When in doubt double it. When out for a drink because you are stressed and need to have an adult conversation double your drink and get a ride home if you need to. this saves time and usually helps immediately. When going on a trip double the amount of stuff you plan to bring by packing two suitcases each with equal amount of items. Then just grab one on your way out the door. you will still have everything you need and if you don't, you can blame it on forgetting the second suitcase.

When in doubt double it. Double the dessert every chance you get, double the times you tell your kids they are great. Double the amount of time you give to yourself ( you can not double zero so that does not count). Just for fun, double the amount of bed time books they get one or two nights a month. Double the times you say yes as opposed to no. Double the amount of allowance they get once a year, and change it up so they never know when you will do it. Double the times you say “I Love you” even when you have teenagers and they do not respond.

When in doubt double it, double the grace you give others, and double the doubled amount for yourself. Double the times you laugh in a day and always get a double scoop of ice cream. Go ahead try these double ideas. I double dog dare you!



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