Pink Sticky Notes Of Love

I was tired and the day had been a typical Monday. It was filled with lots of shuttling, making eleven lasagna’s for Kari’s Kitchen and ending with too many people wanting or needing to use the family computer at the same time. Isaac wanted help with his homework. Jessie needed it for her online class. Christian was working on his NCAA bracket for our friendly family competition and John had to print just a couple of things. I wrote my blog on my iPad, but when I went to transfer it I got the spinning wheel of death.

My dad had texted me asking if I had a chance to call him, I had to text back and say maybe tomorrow. Scott, whom I had barely seen over the weekend tried three different times to Skype and each time I was in the middle of something I could not interrupt. There was absolutely nothing majorly wrong, the day had been a good one, just filled to the max.

I was frustrated and went into the family room and told my sad, pathetic, story to Jessie, because no one else would listen. She was sympathetic but had a ton of homework and was stressed herself. I just ranted and then moved on to solving my problem. When I finally got my blog posted, and Isaac was satisfied with his homework and Jessie was back on the computer it was after 11:00pm.

I went upstairs to get into my PJ’s. I walked into the bathroom and on my door was a pink sticky note that said “Everything is going to be okay” On the toilet seat was another that said “ I don’t know what I would do without you” On the mirror were two more “I love you” and “You are the best mom ever.” She had pulled the sheets back on my bed, found my PJ’s in the pile of my clothes and put another note on my pillow “Thanks for all you do.” On my alarm clock the last one said “Daddy loves you more than anything.”

It was an act of sheer kindness and support. Jessie took five minutes away from her crazy homework load to go out of her way to love on me. I truly do not know what I have done to be so blessed by this beautiful daughter of mine. I sometimes have to go back and look at her birth pictures to remind myself that she actually came from my body.

These days of separation from Scott are hard on all of us. Raising four teenagers is a challenge and a joy. Having a daughter who at fourteen can express love and gratitude it such a simple, pure way is more than enough to remind me that all things are possible. In the musical Les Miserables, the last line before the main character dies is “To love another person is to see the face of God,” I am blessed to see the face of God every day in my amazing daughter Jessica.


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That just makes me feel weepy-happy! x

Comment by skyonfire17

Thanks so much, I am very blessed by all my children but this night Jessie was my shining star.

Comment by Kari

Well I don’t know if you cried but I did!

Comment by Melissa

well, you probably know the answer to that as I cry at just about everything. thanks for reading!

Comment by Kari

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