A Top Ten of Christian’s hard learned lessons

A couple of nights ago I had a conversation with Christian about a home work assignment he was working on. He had to come up with lessons he had learned from birth till his old age of fifteen. He was struggling a bit, and so the conversation at the dinner table became a top ten list for Christian’s learning curve. I list the following in no particular order because I am not sure which would be number one. Vote for your favorite.

1. Do not play with your gum while on an airplane by yourself

Christian had gone to visit his paternal grandparents in Disney Land. An amazing trip that Scott’s parents have taken each of their grandchildren on when they turned seven. Not always to Disney, but a trip alone with just the two of them! On his flight home, Christian managed to be so unaware of himself, that when I met him at the gate, his entire new souvenir hoody was covered in gum.

2. Do not listen to your brother Isaac

Isaac knows how gullible Christian is! and he plays with him all the time. Christian will come running to me so mad and say “Mom, Isaac said you bought all the soda just for him” He will see my face as I look at him and roll my eyes, and he sighs and says “Why do I believe him?” Christian has uttered many embarrassing things, done some stupid stunts, and been made a fool of too many times to count, because of his brother’s convincing ways.

3. Do not ever tell a girl she is fat, ask a woman’s age or compare a girl to a boy.

His heart is so good, but his mouth does not seem to be able to stop it self from saying his thoughts out loud. He crushed a girl when he thought he was helping her as she struggled to walk up a hill, mentioning that she would probably be able to walk faster if she lost weight. He often asks inappropriate questions, and his voice is not quiet.

4. Do not sing out loud to the music playing during class quiet reading. Especially if it is a Disney soundtrack and you are in middle school.

no further explanation needed

5. Ask for what you want, do not try to lie to your mother. She will know.

We were at a fast food restaurant, and I had told the kids they could only get water. Christian left with his drink, and I knew he had something besides water in it, if he was bringing it with him to the car. I asked him what it was, he tried to tell me water, but then said Sprite. He went back in to the cashier, explained what he had done and paid for the drink. (One of my better parenting moments I think)

6. Do not glue your hands together when working on a group project in 6th grade

Again, enough said.

7. Do not eat dog food, or food that is being laid as a trap for the dog. Think before you eat.

See blog “A tasty Trap” on December 8th, 2011

8. Do not talk to yourself out loud while taking a test.

Again, hard lesson’s in impulse control for him as a middle school student. He was asking himself what the answer was, forgetting he was at a table with other students and they thought he was asking them for an answer and cheating.

9. Do not forget to turn off the oven, stove or sink water facet when leaving the house for a basketball, football or any other practice.

We are very fortunate not to have the house burned down, flooded, or otherwise impaired from his “heart in the right place” “head in space” issues.

10. Always avoid having a class with a sibling

Jessica has long been a tattle tale and they have had their share of classes together. Nothing pisses Christian off more than his sister telling me something either good or bad before he can. Isaac tends to exaggerate anything Christian does, so he too is on the black list.

Please vote for your favorite and if you have a Christian learning curve moment feel free to share that as well.


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