Trailer Warming Party

Trailer Warming Party
  Scott and “The Wife” Johnson
  Monday, March 26 from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM
  The Hood


 Join us after work for Cheez Whiz, Kool Aide, Shasta soda, cheep beer, box wine,
pink flamingos and a good time. 

Scott and “The Wife” Johnson

Scotty asked if I would be willing to put together a small trailer warming party for his colleagues from work. Jessica and I were coming over for a couple of days during Spring Break and he wanted us to meet his co-workers and to give them a glimpse into his living space. I of course was all for a party and the more I thought about it the more fun I decided to make it. We went with a “trailer trash” theme because of the clear misconception that Scott has been ‘roughing it’ as he was living in a trailer and the trailer park he was living in was in a ‘seedy area’. His trailer is beautiful and the park very nice so it seemed a perfect time to share my humor.

For those of you that may not know, Scott is a ICU hospital chaplain. He started this job in January and it is a two and a half hour drive from our home. He comes home on weekends and we are trying to make the best out of a not ideal situation. Scott is nervous I will offend someone and warns me not to push the theme to far. I smile my best smile and say “Who Me??” Jessie and I send out the e-vite above with a picture of a broken down trailer. We added “The Wife” for good measure, (Scott wanted me to make sure that people knew I had sent the invitation and that he really did not call me Wife”)and to emphasize the point the humor and over-the-top stereotyping.

We went all out with saltines, the cheapest wine we could find and even cheaper beer. I wanted to serve Spam but Jessica said she would get sick from the smell so I gave in and just got Vienna Sausages. Scott wanted to get glasses out but I refused and said no, everything would be served out of Dixie cups. The first couple arrived and we made polite conversation. The gentleman was in fact Scott’s big boss. His wife immediately put me at ease as she dived into the peanut butter and saltines. He was not so quick, and actually refused the beer, because he shamelessly admitted he was a beer snob and could not drink the fine Rolling Rock we offered him. This made me a bit nervous, I thought oh crap Scott was right, I am pushing the edge before they even know me, uh oh.

Then the next couple came and my humor bone was jolted awake, and worry went right out the trailer window. They arrived in costume, smacking their gum, and bringing orange jello shots in Dixie cups! He is the “ethics” supervisor at the hospital and his wife works for Head Start. I had found a kindred spirit and the laughter did not stop for the next two hours. Other guests arrived, and jello shots were had, they even actually opened, and ate the Vienna Sausages. We were given TV dinners, a cheap bottle of beer in a paper bag, and some more cheap wine.

The party was a huge success, and I for the first time in my life did jello shots. The jokes were corny, the spirit light and I made a new friend. Pretty good for “the wife” of a chaplain.


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Good job, Wifey!!

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