Whimsical Wednesday: The Journey to becoming Hugz the Clown and beyond Part 10: The Beyond

The past nine weeks I have taken you on a journey into my past and shared my story of how I became a professional clown. Many of my close friends have commented that they have enjoyed getting to know my “secret” life. My uncle said it was good to have Hugz out of the closet.

It is true, I have not generally shared this aspect of my life with everyone I come into contact with. My own self-preservation began to keep that part of my life separate. I grew tired of the jokes, the questions, the demand to “be funny”. We had just adopted our two boys, moved from Sacramento to a small town in Oregon and I knew I was needed in a different role. Four kids ages 4, 4.5, 5, and 6 and Scotty was starting a new church, it was time for a break.

I have found many ways to channel my creativity and God knows you need a sense of humor and appreciation of the absurd if you are going to be a parent. I have done a couple of charity events through the years, friends parties, and school carnivals. The biggest highlight in the last ten years for Hugz was getting the opportunity to clown around with my daughter Jessica in the dump city of Managua, Nicaragua. Jessie was Bugz the clown and I was Hugz and together we made balloon animals and entertained at a school yard with the poorest of poor children. It  reminded why I became a clown in the first place.

My big shoes are in storage with my other clowning gear, my makeup and tricks packed away for another time. I have no regrets, only good memories and funny stories of my alter ego Hugz. I may clown again in the future, I may find myself even funnier as a grandparent. I may need to clown to get my kids through college, who knows. Becoming Hugz the clown was like finding my true name, everything just fit. It has made me a better person, mother and friend. It sure has not hurt my marriage- when all else fails laugh! The journey was a roller coaste, a discovery of how deep I was willing to dig. The result was a clown I am very proud of. The beyond is a new adventure in living each day as a gift and laughing every day, every moment, every chance you get. Pretty good lessons for anyone I guess, but especially true for a girl who dropped out of college, ran away and joined the circus, to become a clown.  Hugz the Clown and way Beyond!


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