Sunday Blessing: Palm Sunday

Sunday Blessing: Palm Sunday

As a child I remember loving to go to church on Palm Sunday.  We always got a palm frond to wave and my sister and I would usually end up in a palm frond fight.  My daughter reminded me that when I was in charge of the children’s message at our church one year I had Christian pretending to be Jesus sitting on Isaac who was the donkey, while the kids paraded up and down the isles with palms.

I found the following information on a web site and found it quite interesting.  It is also a bit ironic that today is April fools day as well.  Ironic because I think we are all fools if we think we can live this life without God.

Palm Sunday Traditions and Customs

Palm Sunday traditions vary from country to country, just like other holiday traditions. In Finland, for example, the children dress up in costume as Easter witches. They go from house to house, and the homeowners distribute money and/or candy. It’s similar to American Halloween traditions.

In Bulgaria, it’s traditional for people who have names of flowers as their names to pay special attention to this day as their “name day.” An example of someone with a “flower name” would be someone named Daisy or Tulip. Of course, in Bulgaria, they have different words for these flowers. Lillia and Violeta are my favorite Bulgarian flower names.

In Poland, it’s customary to have palm competitions. The person who builds the largest artificial palm tree wins, and they really go after it. Some of these artificial palms are over 30′ tall.

In multiple countries, Palm Sunday processions are common, but the details vary. For example, in the Netherlands a procession takes place on the Saturday night before Palm Sunday, and the participants carry oil lamps. In many middle Eastern countries, like Syria or Lebanon, the procession is held at the beginning of the traditional Palm Sunday church service.


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