forty-nine years of Scott Johnson
April 3, 2012, 10:13 pm
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In nineteen hundred and sixty-three, on April third, in a small town in Montana, a baby was born, and the world became a better place.  Forty-nine years later not only is the world at large a better place, but my world in particular.  I have known Scotty for twenty-four of those years and because of his birth I am a better person.   Some people impact you after they leave, some while they are with you and some, a very few in my experience, impact who you are, everyday.  Scotty is that kind of man.

I remember the first time we met, strangers at a convention, and soon we were in a deep conversation.  He does not do well with light chitter chatter.  He listened to me with his whole body and I felt like he could really see me and his eyes were pretty easy to get lost in.  Scott has a way of making you feel like what you are saying and how you are feeling really matters to him, and you know what? He sincerely does!  I have never met another person quite like him.

His corny humor comes straight from his dad, and I try with the rest of the family, not to laugh because Lord knows, it encourages him.  He does not give up, he will tell me the same joke three times as if I did not get it the first two because I did not laugh and by the third time I will laugh out of exasperation and so he tells more.  If he is with his dad and they get the giggles there is no stopping them, they both just laugh until they cry and keep crying until they are laughing again and then stop for about two seconds, breathe, look at each other and start over.

Scott is a man of deep integrity and compassion.  He has a true gift of discernment and can cut to the chase of an issue without offending anyone.  His keen sense of others and his heart of gold make him perfect for the job he is doing right now.  As an ICU chaplain he is meeting with people for the first time at their worst.  He walks into a room and  peace so emanates from him a calm comes over the room nor matter the circumstances.  I guess I am kinda proud of him.

So Happy Birthday Scott Johnson.  Thank you for who you are, who we have become together, and the fortunate person I am because of knowing you.


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Wow, your post made me cry and I think I’ve only met your husband once. We are all a part of this matrix and I felt you and your feelings in that moment. So happy birthday to Scott and thank you for sharing your heart with all of us.

Tabatha from Boise

Comment by tsimmonds

Thanks for taking the time to comment and for continuing to read my blog! I am glad that something I said would touch your heart. When are you coming back to bend?

Comment by Kari

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