I am the Country Bunny

The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes by Du Bose Heyward and illustrated by Marjorie Flack was first published in 1939.  It is a long-standing favorite of mine, and because of that, my family now adores it as well. I think it was a book well ahead of its time, and as I re-read it every year around Easter I find more meaning in it now, than I did as a child. It is a story of deferred dreams and balanced parenting. It is my story this year in a special way, as I too, have seen a dream I thought lost, come to fruition.

The story tells of a country bunny who dreams of being one of the five Easter Bunnies who deliver the Easter eggs to all the boys and girls. When one of the bunnies grows old and can no longer run fast, the wise grandfather bunny invites all the bunnies in the whole world to his palace so he can select the very best one to take the place. A little country girl she is mocked by the big white bunnies and the fast Jack rabbits saying she is only a country rabbit and only good enough to take care of her children.

“And by and by she had a husband and then one day, much to her surprise there were twenty-one Cottontail babies to take care of.” I felt that way too, one baby and then much to my surprise their were four. Our Country Bunny is a very wise mom who manages a household by teaching her children the importance of team work, equal chores for boy and girl bunnies, using the talents you were given, and even manages to promote music, dancing and art.

The news comes of the need for a new Easter Bunny when her little rabbits were “half-grown up” and she takes them to the palace to see the festivities. The grandfather bunny seeks her out and asks how she has managed to raise such fine bunnies, she smiles, and through a series questions demonstrates her wisdom, kindness, cleverness and my favorite her speed. She is chosen to be the next Easter bunny. She fulfills her dream and comes home with an abundance of experiences, love and energy to share with her family.

I guess having four teenagers is similar to having twenty-one rabbits, and I truly pray that they are half grown up. I do have confidence in leaving them alone as I have done several times this year. All four do chores, mind their manners and balance fun, work, and sports like true tight-rope walkers. I have always talked about writing a parenting book, a children’s book, a joke book, just writing anything more than permission slips has been a dream. It was never the right time, I was doing too much, my kids needed me, my husband needed me, and so the dream was put on hold.

I have never regretted my choices, I love my family with a love that encompasses all of mind, body, and soul. I would not trade a moment,(well maybe a few, here and there)and I love my life. This year however I have now been writing daily. My family has been incredibly supportive, even letting me tell their stories on a daily basis. I am fulfilling my dream, and find that I too have an abundance to bring home because of it. From 1939 to 2012 life has really not changed all that much and sometimes the life you are called to is the very life that prepares you for your dreams to become a reality.


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