Whimsical Wednesday’s: Mirror Mirror

Whimsical Wednesday’s: Mirror Mirror

There is something about fairy tales.  I have always loved them, I love the story, I love that the good wins, and I love that they are done both in animated forms and in ‘real’ life.  There have been some good ones in the past.  “Ever After” with Drew Barrymore is one of my favorites.  ‘The Princess Bride’ became a cult classic and the quote “As you wish”  is now indelibly marked in our vocabulary.

I have always loved Julia Roberts.  I loved her in “Pretty Woman” and still quote lines from that movie like “If I forget to tell you later, I had a really good time tonight.”  In this movie she is perfect in her role.  Maybe because, I am older now and can relate to her sarcastic bitchiness.  Maybe because, even as she smiles her beautiful smile, she calmly slays people with her words saying things I think but would never say.  Maybe for the one line alone, delivered with such great timing and self degrading humor that it was worth the price of admission.  “ And I was having SUCH, a good day.”

I love the feeling I get when I am taken away in a movie, I am living  the scenes as they unfold.  I am not a scary movie goer.  I can handle a bit of action, but mostly if I pay my good money,I want to laugh.  I want to be swept away from my own reality, but still come away seeing a bit of myself, and my world in the story.  I want to look in the mirror and be able to find the humor in the “crinkles.”

Is this a must see? Probably not.  Is it an easy way to spend a couple of hours? Absolutely.  Is it whimsical and silly and just a bit off?  Yes.  Did I come away from the movie a changed person? No.  Will I use the lines from this movie out loud, and in my head, when my teenagers are just a little bit irritating?  Maybe you should ask the mirror!


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