Oh baby
April 12, 2012, 11:19 pm
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My nickname for years has been the baby hoarder. If there is a new-born baby within five miles of me I can smell her, and will zero in, and have her in my arms within minutes. At our church, new moms would walk in the door and just pass their children to me. crying, sleeping, awake, whatever, they would bring them to me. I would not even need to hear my husband preach, I would be in heaven. I love holding babies, I love their smell, their soft skin, their faces that change constantly.

You have a fussy baby, bring him to me. You need a break, your arm hurts, you want to pee, bring your baby to me. I have to brag a bit that I am kinda like a baby whisperer, I can get any baby to sleep. For a long time after my kids were no longer infants, I could still be found doing the baby sway.

Babies have not always been my favorite. I was so afraid to hold them, I was worried I would break them somehow. It also did not thrill me that they did not do much, you know, sleep, poop, eat repeat. I thought that baby lovers were mostly grandmas who liked to hold a baby and not have to do anything. I truly wondered what I would be like as a mom. I knew I would not be one to hover over my baby, I would be happy to have others hold him, but would I like all mothers before me, have that instant, immediate, love for this helpless blob?

When Isaac was born, my worries were put to rest. The bond was immediate and strong. I still did not want to hold all babies but holding mine was pretty great. Maybe it was because the time went so fast. It might have been that I matured. Whatever the reason I love babies. I hold a baby and I feel close to God. I rock a baby and I know life is going to be okay. My kids just roll their eyes, and I know Scott thanks God for my hysterectomy. I do not want to have any more babies. I do not want to adopt anymore babies, I am not ready to be a grandmother. I am just a woman who loves babies. I got the chance to hold a week old little girl named Skout tonight. She is tiny, beautiful and perfect. I am in heaven once more.


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I’m good friends with Skout’s grandma!

Comment by Barb Stoefen

so fun!

Comment by Kari

I need to dig out that “baby hoarder” picture and send it to you. I believe you were the first non-family person to hold Owen. I, for one, am so grateful for all the time you spent holding my baby (colicky spit-up kid that he was) so I could listen to a sermon, eat, or just socialize without bouncing up and down myself. Hooray for the baby hoarder!

Comment by Alissa

I totally thought of you when I wrote this 🙂 I hated that picture but it did capture my love and joy! Missing you

Comment by Kari

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