“It’s a Sienna not a minivan”

It’s the newest car I have ever had in my adult life. It had lots of electronic options I have never had. Power window, power door lock, cruise control and a stereo with both a cd and a tape player, cup holders and a light up mirror on both sun visors! It was sleek and black and big enough for the whole family. My new to me 2000 Toyota Sienna was a dream come true. We were able to buy it in 2002 after we sold our 1979 Suburban. I had never had a car from the decade I was living in.

Our other cars, the Suburban and a 1987 VW Camper Van, though good enough cars, were summed up in the comment John made. He was six at the time, “ Wow mom, now we won’t break down on the side of the road every time we take a trip,(dramatic pause) we did meet a lot of nice people though.” I seriously had AAA on speed dial. I would call and they would say, “Hello Mrs. Johnson, where are you today? Are your kids with you? Are you in your clown outfit?” I have been on the side of the road more times than I care to count, and though it is true we did have the good fortune of meeting some very nice people, when I got this mini van, I felt I had arrived.

Well, sort of. I mean it felt great to have a dependable car. It was wonderful to be able to know I was going to get to the place I had intended going without any unexpected car related delays. It was however a minivan. This was very difficult for Scott. He was not a minivan person. It went against every grain in his wanderlust soul. How could he have come so far as to have a wife, four kids under the age of seven, and now, the worst of all suburban, middle-class, my life is over nightmares, we owned a minivan. He would not let us refer to it as a minivan. The kids were trained to call it the Sienna, and the word minivan was banned from our home.

It was black, there would be no stickers on it. When we got the roof rack it needed to match exactly. It was to be treated like a sports car. As far as I was concerned it was a sports car, because it could go faster than any other car I had. You touched the gas and instead of having to wait, pump your foot then hope it would move forward, the Sienna actually responded. In the beginning, when I first started driving it I even pealed out!!

Now, eleven years later, I still love my Sienna minivan. It has close to 200,000 miles on it. It has stickers on the back window, the back tail light is secured with purple duck tape, one of the door handles is completely gone so you have to open it from the inside. I call it the minivan, and one day I hope to trade it in for a convertible Mini Cooper with room for only two. It has been a good car. It has taken us on many traveling adventures, and has many stories in its walls.

I hope it will last for three more years, until all the kids are out of high school. For some reason they do not want to inherit it, somehow having a thirteen year old minivan is not cool, or hip, or even slightly interesting to them. Isaac would rather walk than drive around in it, which if you know my Isaac, that is making quite a statement. That’s okay, I will keep driving her, thankful I have a car, thankful I have precious cargo that it has carried, and continues to carry faithfully, and safely. Yes, I own a minivan. Need a lift?


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Hahahaha. This is great stuff.

Comment by Barb Stoefen

love to make you laugh

Comment by Kari

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