Whimsical Wednesday: The Universal Commonality of the Yellow School Bus

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Whimsical Wednesday: The Universal Commonality of the Yellow School Bus

There is perhaps nothing more whimsical than remembering your first ride on the school bus. It is usually in kindergarten. It is the first of many firsts, and all the more special because of it. With four teenagers who would rather die, wait an hour, or actually walk, rather than ride the bus, it is easy to forget how magical that first ride is. Hannah, the little girl I have had the honor to care for will ride the bus home from school to my house for the very first time today.

Hannah and I have been hanging out together since she was about fifteen-months old. She has been a part of our family that I treasure greatly. She is very smart, incredibly independent, was talking in full sentences very early and has always known how to get Isaac to play with her. Hannah is very sure of what she wants, loves to read, play outside and dress up. I am very honored and excited to be the one to experience the first bus ride with her.

Her parents are amazing teachers at the grade school my four kids went to. They live in a different part of town so Hannah gets a ride to school every morning and stays until they are ready to come home every afternoon. On Wednesdays she gets out of school early so I go and pick her up at school. It was not until a few weeks ago it dawned on her mom and I that she could take the bus to my house once a week. It was proposed to Hannah, and she about peed her pants she was so excited about the opportunity!

Do you remember the days when it was an opportunity to ride the bus. The chance to walk up those black steps, past the bus driver who seemed larger than life, choosing a seat that you had to hoist yourself up onto, looking out the window and feeling so big and so small at the same time? The nostalgia of it gets to me, a time-honored tradition year after year. I remember walking my sister to the bus, yearning for my chance to look out from the small window in the big yellow bus. I remember the smell of rubber, mixed with kids sweat, lunches half eaten and who knows what else. I recall the big kids always going to the back seats, how very old they looked to me, and how honored I was when one gave me a high-five on their way to the back.

It seems that there are fewer and fewer common experiences across the world that we can all relate to. The first day on the school bus, is one of those remaining. Just for a minute take yourself back, let your senses be filled with the noise, the excitement, the smells and the heart pounding cautious feeling of doing something new. Remember your feeling of accomplishment and independence, remember your excitement and relief at seeing your loved one waiting for you as you got off. Capture the essence of that experience, and know that moments like that are to be treasured. It is the common, ordinary, uneventful, universal moment when all hearts are tied together by a large yellow bus.


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