What Is This World Coming To?

What is the world coming to? Our teens are out of control, drugs are rampant, their language is atrocious and the music they listen to would wake the dead. What is this world coming to? How will the future be anything but dismal if these kids do not learn to respect their elders and stop being so narcissistic. How many generation of teenagers have heard these words? While the world may be coming to an end, I doubt it is because of our youth.

Tonight I had the privilege of going to my kids high school for the Mr. BSH pageant. This is a fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald House in our area. These young men are selected by their senior classmates, teachers, and administration of the high school to represent their class for this undertaking. The senior boys are selected based on attitude, grades, extracurricular activities and overall character.

This is a huge time commitment as well as a stretch for many of these students to be pushed out of their comfort zone and into friendships they would never had made otherwise. There are jocks, drama, academic nerds, and a couple of charismatic boys who could sell a raincoat in the desert. They come together to raise money for a charity. They volunteer their time, over 75 hours from November to April. They raise money individually and as a team. They participate in activities of fun competition with the other local schools who have their own pageants.

It culminates with the actual Mr. BSH pageant. They model casual wear, show some goofy talent, model tuxedo’s and are asked official interview questions. We are shown video’s of the months of hard work, and they talk about how being a Mr. BSH candidate has changed them. The predominate answer was they were thrown together with other students they would never had mingled with, found a common bond in the cause, and became great friends in the process. Right before they went on stage for the winner to be announced, they all told the advising teacher that it did not matter who was crowned because they all had won.

I have been told that this is done in high schools across the nation. I have been told that millions are raised for local charities. I have been told this fundraiser is the single largest giver to the Ronald McDonald House in our area. This year the effort raised over $10,000.00 for this cause. What is the world coming to? I do not know, but tonight at a small high school auditorium I was proud to be a part of this crazy bunch of teens who actually thought they could make a difference, and they did.


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