That UPS, is true LOGISTICS

logistics [lɒˈdʒɪstɪks]
the detailed planning and organization of any large complex operation

Any parent, even if only to one child has some experience with logistics. If you have multiple children, the logistics of managing your daily life increase exponentially. Now if you add to your equation four teenagers involved in five different sporting teams, a husband out-of-town during the week, a dog, three-part time jobs, and I should have a doctorate in logistics.

Okay let me just say I am not a mathematician, that I used the word exponentially and equation in the same paragraph made me a little sick to my stomach. I did not finish college, if you have followed my blog even a little bit, you know that I am a clown, and although I did learn the art of juggling it did not prepare me for the crazy life I now love. The art of logistics within a family is probably the most under appreciated skill a busy parent has.

If I was teaching a class on parenting, After writing GRACE across the blackboard as big as I possibly could I would then write slightly smaller, LOGISTICS, your best friend. I was not taught this skill, I have learned by trial and many, many, many, errors. I have in my learning curve left a child at school, forgot to pick up a carpool from a soccer practice(it was of course raining) burned dinner, looked for my phone while I was talking on it and on and on. Those are just the ones I am willing to admit, if my kids were here right now I am sure they would be able to come up with a thousand more ways my lack of logistics has caused problem situations.

I see the UPS commercials with their catchy song and showing how they help you get things done with logistics and think they got nothing on us parents. This week as I have tried to plan for the upcoming weekend, it has been a logistical nightmare for me. Two out-of-town basketball tournaments in different towns, two children who want to stay home, a dog who likes attention and does not get it when it is just John in the house, our neighbors who usually take care of the dog and keep a watchful eye on the house are also going out-of-town, it is my anniversary weekend and I would really like some alone time with my husband. Now add working, and a normal week of kari’s khaos and well, you get the idea.

I did work it out finally, and here is a copy of the e-mail I sent to my parents and in-laws who will be assisting in the logistics.

Good Morning!
I think I have a plan for this weekend~!  It looks like Isaac and John will have the house to themselves on Friday night.  I will drive to Eugene and have a night with Scott for our anniversary.  We will get up very early on Saturday morning and drive to see Christian’s game in Portland at 9:00.  We will stay for a second game if time allows before we need to head back to Eugene to usher for a fund-raising concert.  Isaac will get a ride to Eugene for his games and we will meet up with him after the concert or before depending on what happens with CJ.  We will then spend the night in Eugene with a few extra’s from Isaac’s team and then go to both of his games on Sunday after-which Isaac and I will come back to Bend.  Cj will get a ride home with Greg Haugen, Ments’s dad, as well as get a ride to the games from him.  He will spend both nights @ the Johnson’s on the hill and rides to and from will be provided by Darrell.

John will enjoy the weekend to himself as I have Gus going to play with some of his furry friends.  Jessie will be spending the weekend with her friend Sophia.  I think that covers it for the most part.  Thanks for your help and hospitality.  Scott and I will look forward to seeing you on Saturday.
love and laughter, Kari

That UPS, is true LOGISTICS


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yes, even if you only have a pet logistics come into play! Thanks for reading and for taking the time to comment!

Comment by Kari

Sure thing! I agree with everything you’ve said in here. Its about time for me to share my great thought too, same as yours!

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