Saturday Story Time: How Can I show you that I love you?


Saturday Story Time: How Can I show you that I love you?

He had already asked my dad for my hand in marriage. We were making plans for the future. I had been given a promise ring, which he had asked to have back to “up grade” for a bigger diamond engagement ring. I said no, I did not want a big diamond, I wanted to keep the ring he had given me. I said find another way to spend the money you would put into the ring. I knew he was going to pop the question, I just did not know when.

All of our relationship had been long distance. We had been together for Valentines day, but he had not asked. Now, if you know me at all, you know that patience is not my strongest suit. I knew he had asked my dad in January, and when he did not ask when I saw him in February, I was getting a bit antsy. Now It was March, and I was flying from Chicago, and he was flying in from Phoenix. We were meeting in Oregon for him to introduce me to his parents and the rest of his family for the first time. This would be it.

I had been imagining and dreaming of this moment for a very long time. I knew he was planning something, and being the savvy thinker I am, I tried to figure it all out it in my head before it happened. Scott got in about an hour before me, he would just wait for me at the gate,then we would go meet his parents together. Ah HA! he is going to ask me to marry him in the airport, then we will meet his family. I got off the plane and there he was, dressed in a jacket and tie. It was the first time I had ever seen him dressed up. Ah ha! I thought this is it.

Scott greeted me with a present and a card. The present was a clown pin, and the card simply said “The goal for tonight, and really the rest of my life is How can I show you I love you?” He gave me a long kiss and said plans have changed. Lets go get our luggage and we will talk about it. We were on the escalator down to the baggage claim when I saw a guy holding a sign that said “Scott and Kari’s limousine service” and wearing a chauffeur’s hat. I looked back at Scott and he just smiled. Ah Ha! I thought, he is going to ask me to marry in the car on the way to his parents house.

The limousine turned out to be a mini van with one of the seats taken out. It was filled with pink and white helium balloons separating the driver from us. There was a small garden table place inside with Sparkling cider and plastic wine glasses. On the stereo was the music from the movie “Somewhere in Time.” Ah Ha! This is it.

I knew it took about an hour from the airport to his parents house and it had been at least that. We pulled over and our driver who happened to be one of Scott’s best friends said he needed to make a phone call(no cell phones yet) because we were late for our dinner reservations. Ah Ha! He is going to ask me at the restaurant and then we will go meet his parents.

We were in the car for another half of an hour when we stopped. Funny thing, Scott said, looks like we are at the beach, wanna go for a walk? He then produced a pair of sneakers for me to wear, an umbrella and a coat. I got out of the car, amazed but sure this time. Ah Ha! He is going to ask me to marry him on the beach, at night, then we will go meet his parents.

Their is a slight mist and a sliver of the moon. We are walking along the beach when out in the middle of no where is a tent. It is lit up with Christmas lights. We walk by the tent and Scott mentions there is no camping on the beach. At this point I am thinking, I do not care what they are doing, just ask me the damn question. I just keep walking. He calls me back,and says he is going to go and tell them there is no camping. I walk back slowly, trying not to show my frustration.

I catch up with him just as he opens the flap to the tent. Inside is a white table, a huge banner that says “Scott and Kari Yahoo!” more candles and battery operated white lights. I can no longer think. On the table is coffee, champagne on ice, beautiful glass flutes and my two favorite deserts on fine china. There is a boom box playing classical music. I am so blown away, I do not even know what to think. He helps me sit down at the table and then switches the tape to a Cat Stevens song where in the song it says I get down on my knee.

Scotty gets down on his knee, in a lighted tent,on the beach in Oregon and asks me to marry him. He places the same promise ring on my finger and hands me an envelope. The card inside is actually a sponsor card for a Compassion Child. He had taken the money he would have spent on a larger diamond and we sponsored a child for a year. After many tears, laughter and an attempt at eating the dessert he explains how this incredible night had happened.

We were at Proposal Rock Beach. Scott’s mom had arranged the whole thing and was waiting in a condo that his parents had rented on this very beach to meet me. Pretty amazing, wonderful, and more than I could have ever imagined,or dreamed of,in my very best dreams. I said yes, and though it took a couple of years I did marry that man and am so glad I never had the Ah Ha! Quite right.



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