Sunday Blessing: In the Evening on the Fourth Sunday

Sunday Blessing: In the Evening on the Fourth Sunday

It was a crazy weekend of basketball games, celebration of our anniversary and lots of miles on our cars. On my way home over the mountains, my fifteen year old son, Christian and I, had a wonderful conversation about all sorts of things. He stopped me a couple of times when I was talking to point out how beautiful the river was, or the flowering trees. We both commented on God’s beauty in nature and that sometimes being close to God is as simple as acknowledging His creation.

I came home and found this blessing from “A Book of Everyday Prayers” by William Barclay. May it bless you as you start a new week.

O God, Our Father, we thank Thee for all Thou hast said to us and done for us today.
Grant that Thy word may not return unto Thee void and empty, but that it may accomplish that for which Thou didst send it.

Grant that Tomorrow we may go back to our work with bodies which are rested, minds which are enlightened, and hearts which are more fully devoted to Thy love.

Grant that we may go back to the ordinary activities of the world to see all life in the light of eternity, and to judge all things by Thy presence.

Oh God, our Father, tonight we remember very specially our absent friends. Wherever they are bless them, and keep them safe.

Grant that tomorrow our walk will be closer to Thee, and that there may be a clearer light to shine upon the road which leads us to our journey’s end: through Jesus Christ our Lord. AMEN


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