Managing Monday’s: Hats

Managing Monday’s: Hats

We were at a benefit concert in a Methodist church, it was a very casual event. Scott and I were having a conversation and I glanced over at a woman coming in. She was an elderly lady dressed in a purple velour pant suit with a large, floppy, bedazzled hat on. I looked at Scott and said when I am that age, I will wear a hat like that! A friend who was with us turned to Scott and said, “She probably won’t wait that long!”

I love hats. I love them because they are very practical. I love them because they can help you cover a huge amount of bad hair problems. I love them because they keep your head warm or the sun out of your eyes. I love to see other people in hats too. I get a kick out of old men in their baseball caps and tiny babies in tiny knit hats their great-grandmother knit for them.

I think hats are the answer to all of life’s problems. Having a bad day? Hide under a hat. Having a good day? Celebrate with a sassy hat. There really is no occasion a hat is not appropriate for. Women often say they can not wear hats. That is biggest bunch of garbage I have ever heard. Anyone can wear a hat. Everyone should own at least one hat. Raining, snowing, sunny, hats are for every kind of weather.

I have found that often just putting on a hat can lighten my mood. Hats have saved my children great amounts of embarrassment when I have had to take them places in public when I was not expecting to be seen. Hats have saved lives from cancer and made people famous in movies. Hats are the single most important piece of clothing you can own after a good bra and panties.

Now what does this have to do with Managing Mondays? I am not exactly sure, but I think it’s because hat owners are known to live longer and more productive lives. They are known to take life less seriously and be quick to laugh at themselves. Maybe it’s because Monday’s are usually the day I most need a hat. Whatever the reason, whatever the Season, I really am not teasin, you got to have a hat!


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