Saturday Story Time: By the light of the Moon

Oh, the cannibal king with the big nose ring
Fell in love with the dusty ma-aa-aid
And every night by the pale moonlight
Across the lake he swa-aa-am

Oh he hugged and he kissed his pretty little miss
In the shade of the bamboo tree-ee-ee
And every night by the pale moonlight
It sounded like this to me-ee-ee

Barump (“kissy” noise, “kissy” noise)
Barump (“kissy” noise, “kissy” noise)
Barump (“kissy” noise, “kissy” noise)
Barump (“kissy” noise, “kissy” noise)

Oh the years went by a one-two-three
And soon they had a fam-il-ee
And every night by the pale moonlight
It sounded like this to mee-ee-ee

Barump “Mama”
Barump “Papa”
Barump “Mama”
Barump “Papa”

Tonight the moon is 30% brighter and 15% larger to the eye than any other time during the year. So it seems appropriate to have my story time about the moon. The song above was one my parents sang to us at bedtime and in the car on long trips. Seeing the moon tonight brought back memories of this song and of course the book ‘Good Night Moon” by Margret Wise Brown.

I can remember as a small child thinking the moon followed me and later as I grew up being fascinated with the phases of the moon. I am sure there will be many children born under this large moon, and many more made. The moon is a a fascinating thing that as humans we have been obsessed with in many ways. From landing on it to writing poetry about it, no one escapes the pull of it.

I see the moon / And the moon sees me / The moon sees the somebody I’d like to see. / God bless the moon / and God bless me / God bless the somebody I’d like to see!

You’ll find lots of lists and suggestions when it comes to moon songs for tonight’s full-moon viewing so what’s one more?
We’ve been singing about the moon a long time so there’s no shortage of material but 10 is all you get here.
10-“Half Moon Bay” by Mott the Hoople. From the group’s amazing first album (with the Escher lizard cycle on the cover). You’ll  hear a familiar tune in the piano part.
9-“Moonlight in Vermont” by Willie Nelson. Willie’s version takes you right into the New England woods.

8-“Old Devil Moon” by Frank Sinatra. It’s high, wide and sassy. Just like tonight’s moon.

7-“Moonlight Bay” by the Mills Brothers. Nothing fancy but the feeling they put into it.

6-Mister Moonlight” by the Beatles. One of the group’s  less-played tracks. John Lennon bays at the moon.

5-“Dancing in the Moonlight” by King Harvest. What’s wrong with a little elevator pop?

4-“Moon Beam” by James Blood Ulmer. OK, you’re not familiar with it but it’s a little jazz for your moonlight viewing.

3-“Fly Me to the Moon”  by Frank Sinatra. The song that exudes upbeat from the master of downbeat.

2-“Moon River” by Quincy Jones. A different arrangement of the Henry Mancini classic from the traditional version.

1-“Moonlight Sonata” by Beethoven. That’s Sonata #14 in c sharp minor, of course. It remains the ultimate mood song; make that moon song.

this list compiled by Steve Tarter

There is something about the moon, that ties us together. No matter where in the world we are, we gaze and dream by the same moon. Tonight it is a bit closer, a bit larger and maybe a bit more beautiful. Maybe we can as humans can learn from the moon and figure out ways to be closer, a bit larger in our acceptance and grace causing all of us to be a bit more beautiful than before.

the fabulous picture was taken by my sister in law Jana Johnson! check out her stuff by using the link on my blog!


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