Managing Monday’s: The POD

Managing Monday’s: The POD

You read my title and you thought I am going to talk about iPods. As great as they are, that is not the Pod I am going to discuss. The pod I am most excited about, and truly think is one of the best inventions in the past five years, is the cleaning pod. I am not sure exactly how long they have been out but mothers go out and buy these things! I know they are made for two of the most important cleaning machines in your mothering world. The washing machine and the dishwasher.

Now with just one easy instruction even the most absent-minded of your children can start the dishwasher or get a load of laundry started. Gone are the days of “I did not know how much to put in” or “Whoops I guess I put too much in” as your washing machine explodes with soap and floods your laundry room. No more excuses of “I could not get it open” “I could not reach the bottle and it was too heavy” No more sticky soap residue on your washer or sink. These pods are the miracle of this century.

My son John who is legally blind and generally a mess making wizard now loads the dishwasher and turns it on with no problem. He was actually really excited when he heard that they now had them for the washing machine too. I am sure he was thinking maybe now he truly could move out because of the two cleaning pods. I thought he was afraid of the laundry room and forgot where the dishwasher was but no, that has all changed due the power of the pods.

Two year olds can do it, throw the pod in, start the button. Done. Even Dads can do it! Maybe college boys too, wait I am making too big of a deal of this, that would ruin the boys excuse to talk to the girl in the laundry room. “UH, how much soap do you put in this thing?” is a timeless pick up line for the collegiate boy. With pods they might have to come up with a new one. “Your pod or mine?” wait I digress.

If you have not discovered these stop what you are doing, and go to the store, your life will change for the better because you found the cleaning pod.


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