May 8, 2012, 11:09 pm
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My little Lila turned three on Sunday.  Now of course she is not mine, she is the daughter of Adam and Sara, two amazing people whom I love dearly.  Lila is also the sister of Hannah who is pretty much the best big sister I have ever seen.  When I started taking care of Lila she was just three months old.  Now she is three years old.  Wow! Time sure does go by quickly.  I went to her party on Saturday and did some face painting. It was very fun and she is such a happy girl.  Here is my acrostic for her.


Laughter is her most used form of communication

Irresistibly cute, and very aware of it

Lover of all animals, especially her Bunny and Gus Gus our dog

An imp who loves to push buttons, and see how much she can get away with



Moving constantly, why walk when you can hop, skip, tap, or run

Affectionate and free with her hugs, kisses and love

Y, spelled a bit different but still her favorite question and answer. “Why?  Why Not? Why Yes?”


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