Whimsical Wednesday: Grandma Dona
May 9, 2012, 10:58 pm
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Whimsical Wednesday:  Grandma Dona

My grand mother lived up to her name in every way shape and form.  I fight back the tears as I write this, remembering what an incredible lady she was.  I think she will be a future Saturday blog about ordinary people doing extraordinary things but tonight is whimsical and that is what we will focus on.

Edona, was a fashion model for a department store in Portland, Oregon in the 1940’s.  All I ever knew her as, was Grandma Dona.  I remember being in awe of her.  She was one classy lady.  Gramma always had the perfect outfit, and the best jewelry.  She knew how to make you feel beautiful and special.  She taught me about being a lady, and knowing when the shoe was perfect.  Her eyes always sparkled with a joy I could not imagine, and her wit was fast and true.

When she died and the family got together we all took a hat and a scarf from her collection to wear in her honor.  That woman had more jewelry, hats, and scarves than anyone I have ever met.  Not to mention the purses and gloves.  I was honored to get many of her items because I was just crazy enough to wear them.  Her hats surround my mirror, and many pieces of her jewelry line my box of treasures.

I have worn them on special occasions, let my daughter wear them and been given more compliments on them, than any other thing I wear.  Grandma was elegant and stylish and just enough of a goof to pull off just about anything.  She never left the house without lip stick and some sort of accessory.  It ranged from a hat, to a cane with a  diamond studded handle, but she always had something with Bling. Wow I miss that woman.

“Kari” she said, “women do not sweat, we glow”  “Smile and nod your head, that way they do not know what a nucklehead you think they are” Grandma would remark.  “Ladies do not blow their noses in public, we daintily wipe and wait till we are out of ear and eye shot to do our business”  “Whatever you wear, wear it with confidence and the next thing you know, everyone will want to dress like you.” These sayings and so many more fill my heart and mind as I remember her.

My children have enjoyed her boxes and boxes of costume jewelry, and I have treasured every piece as a reflection of her beauty and elegance.  I found a pair of earrings at the shop I work at, and fell in love with them.  I bought them and wore them home only to find that one of my grandma’s necklaces matches it perfectly.  It was just the reminder I needed of her incredible love, and great humor which held our family together for decades.

I put on her necklaces and I go back to whimsical world of childhood dreams and princess fantasies.  A world where anything is possible and a little bling goes a long, long way.  Thanks Gramma, I love you.


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