Grace, Wine, Friends and a Sprinkle of Crazy

I have a friend, well make that more than one who like to call me when they are having a bad day. At first I thought it was because I am a good listener. Then I thought it was because of my sense of humor and I could always make them smile. The truth of the matter is, they call me because when they hear how crazy and chaotic my life is they feel much better about their own. Because I am such a good friend and I have a great sense of humor they are not afraid to tell me this.

I was introduced to a neighbor of my friend today. Leah introduced me, and then said this is my friend who has four teenagers, all in high school. The neighbor woman’s mouth drops open, “Four teenagers? How do you do it? I mean, you look pretty normal.”
I laugh, as always, and think what did you expect me to look like, wait I do not really want to know the answer to that. I answered in my usual flippant way, “Well, by the grace of God, lots of wine, lots of help from friends like Leah, a little sprinkle of crazy and you can do anything.”

This week seemed to be a tough one for me. No reason in particular, nothing more than I usually handle, but definitely more difficult. Last week I sailed through my blog entries, this week everyday seemed to draw a blank. Scott and I were working through the pains of managing two households, remaining connected, and co-parenting through distance. Again, nothing we have not been dealing with already, just a bit more pronounced this week. The normal teenage angst that I deal with sent me just a little too close to the edge.

I had Lila for a full day today as I am going with the whole family to Boise tomorrow for a basketball tournament. We met my friend Leah at her house and went for a walk. Leah and I have been competing for the “mother of the year” award and she had just upped the ante by shutting the hatch of her car on her ten-year old son’s head giving him a concussion. I love Leah, but that is some stiff competition. We were walking and talking and laughing and crying and bitching about this and that and having a grand ole time.

When we got back from the walk, she went to talk to her neighbor and I sat down to try to see if my legs were still going to work since I have not been very consistent in the whole exercise thing. Her concussed son Noah came out and played with Lila. Leah introduced me to her neighbor, and we had a funny conversation about how we do what we do. Everyone has busy lives, as mothers in this time of life the door is revolving, and the car is always in motion.

I thought back to my answer and realized it was really not that far from the truth. I am no different from any other mother whether they have one child or six. God’s grace covers us as we navigate the things we choose to do and the things life throws at us. Benjamin Franklin, a busy man himself said “Wine makes daily living easier, less hurried, with fewer tensions and more tolerance.” True friends help you find your center when life seems to be spinning out of control, even if it is just to let you take a nap on their floor while they cover the kids for an hour. A sprinkle of crazy keeps life interesting and fun. It is a winning combination that makes Kari’s Khaos possible.


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