Whimsical Wednesday: I am a dreamer
May 23, 2012, 10:31 pm
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Whimsical Wednesday: I am a dreamer

It is very rare that I am watching TV. I will watch sports with my kids and movies in the theatre but nothing has caught my heart like American Idol. I am a huge fan. I love it. I could not really pin point why until tonight. Tonight’s finale topped all the ones I have seen because of the sheer raw emotion of the winner. He could not finish his song, I believe one of the only idol winners to not finish in its eleven seasons of airing. His dream had come true, and he was so overcome by the miracle of how far he had come that he simply stopped playing and went to his family.

I love American Idol because it reminds us all that dreams do come true. Little known musicians can make it big, and even a guy from a pawn shop can become a star. It reminds us of our roots, and helps us to cheer for something good. It is not about shooting, sex, or flaunting anything but your voice. It is like watching Cinderella for the first time, every season.

I am well aware it is corny, I am not putting blinders on to the commercialism or its other faults. I am a dreamer. I get to have a part in making someone’s dream come true. I am a part of Phil Phillips success. A very small part, but still a part. Whimsical, wonderful world we live in, where dreams do come true.


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