Whimsical Wednesday: For The Love of Bend

Whimsical Wednesday: For The Love of Bend

When my family moved to Bend, Oregon eleven years ago I knew it would be a place I wanted to live, raise my kids and enjoy the out doors.  It is nestled at the foot of the mountains with the Deschutes river running from one end of town to the other. The next few Wednesdays I will be sharing my favorite parts of Bend and why I love it so much.  This weeks focus is the trail by the river that I walk one to two times a week.  

The following description is from a travel website about Oregon.  This trail is a five-minute drive from my house.

The Deschutes River Trail sections cover several miles. This one is easy access but feels more like a hike than what you get in the downtown section.

Head south from Farewell Bend Park. While you can take a nice stroll through this park , I suggest heading for the dirt trail from the southwest end of the park that takes you upstream to a footbridge, where you can cross and return on the other side for a nice three-mile loop. The trail slips through mainly ponderosa forest, but interpretive signs help with some of the other vegetation. Some of our wildlife sightings included common mergansers, Townsend’s solitares, robins, bushtits (including a nest), ravens, a black phoebe and American dippers. We can also provide two eyewitness accounts to verify that there are fish in the river. First, we watched an osprey dive from its tree perch, splash into the water, and arise with a small fish in its talon. Then, as we were standing on the footbridge, we watched a river otter haul its catch onto a rock and munch away.


Yea, he just mentioned river otters, need I say more?  It is a dog friendly, beautiful path, that is wide and easy to walk.  The water plays its music and even on the darkest days the views are incredible.  When I walk with my friends we usually stop two or three times and remind our selves that we get to live here!  Scott and I will walk along the river in the Fall with the colors changing and I have even snow shoed it with a friend after a hard snow.  It is three miles of God’s creation and you can not believe it is right down town.


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Wow, this is so cool. I have a cousin and a niece (neither know one another) who live in Bend – Have always wanted to visit. Now, I know you are there too. Didn’t know that the area and surroundings were so inviting too. I would love to meet you Kari and know I will one day.

Comment by Lyn McKee

Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog! It is a beautiful place to live and to visit. I look forward to meeting you! Have a great day!

Comment by Kari

It is beautiful & I miss it! So glad I get to visit often, like next weekend! Wahoo!!!

Comment by Anonymous

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