I really like People!

I know this will be hard to believe but I really like people. I love to talk to people and I love to be around people. You might even go so far as to say I am a people person. I mean I know that when my husband describes me to his friends he mentions that I am quiet and docile. I am sure those are the words most people would use to describe me, but every once in a while, I get out of my box and socialize. This was one of those days.

The problem with being a social person is that everything takes longer. It takes longer to go to the store for example, because you either run into someone you know or you chat with the sales clerk or the young man who is bagging your groceries. Today the young man was doing a horrible job, but he was cute and polite and so I did not tell him what was going through my mind about how he really needed lessons in how to load a grocery bag. Instead I found out his mother loves to garden and she has been roping him in to help her. The clerk who checked my groceries was very concerned that I had all the latest information on how to save at Safeway and proudly told me she was becoming computer literate because of the stores new internet coupons. The produce lady wanted me to try the nectarines which were ripe, very tasty, and well worth the $2.50 a pound, but told me to stay away from the peaches for a while.

This of course led to the fact that I was late to pick up the kids after practice, so they had to wait twenty minutes. John whose practice ended at 4:30, had to wait close to an hour so he gave up before I got there, and decided to walk home. Now I would not have been at the grocery store so late if my wonderful neighbor whom I love, had not stopped by to chat. She had surgery last week and this was her first outing so we talked for quite a while, and then it was time to take Lila to her dad. Adam and I had a conversation about the end of the year and then he remembered it was pay-day so he dug through the bag to find my pay check and that made us remember all the other times we had miss-communicated about my pay-day and so we were talking until Lila announced she had to go to the bathroom, “right now.”

I had invited my friend and her family over for an impromptu dinner and that was the end to a very wonderfully social day. She happens to have four children as well and a very nice man in her life who also has a son. They were later than they expected so I had to leave to go to a basketball meeting before they arrived. It is good to have friends that will just come in and figure things out even if you are not there. I came home and the twelve of us had dinner and chatted until they left at 9:30 pm.

I think I might have gotten something done today, but really I could care less. I had some great conversations, laughed, and was reminded why we were created as social people. I now will go back to being my quiet and docile personality (while I sleep!)


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